'Fortnite' Week 6 Secret Battle Star Clue Leads to a Hidden Banner Location

Players can find it at the weird truck monument.

The action is heating up in the Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6 Hunting Party Challenge loading screen for Week 6, and Calamity is kicking a Cube Monster right in the face. Just like in Week 5, she’s teamed up with Deadfire to fight the undead.

Fortnite Season 6, Week 6 began Thursday morning, and for those players that complete all seven of the week’s challenges — including one doozy that involves Sheet Music and playing huge pianos — they unlock this new secret loading screen that includes a hint towards some secret location on the map.

The action-packed Week 6 Hunting party loading screen features Calamity in full monster hunter gear standing back-to-back with Deadfire. Calamity has her crossbow and Deadfire has the new revolver, and they’re both fighting back a monstrous horde of Cube Monsters. Calamity kicking a cube monster in the face is definitely the best part of this loading screen.

The faintly visible clue is on the tree to the right, implying that there’s a Hidden Banner on the left hand of a giant figure made of motor vehicles. Weird.

Calamity and Deadfire team up to destroy some Cube Monsters in this 'Fortnite' Hunting Party loading screen.

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The specific structure this loading screen clue references is just barely north of the Paradise Palms desert biome, not far from Retail Row and Lonely Lodge. The monument is hard to miss — it’s just southwest of the intersection of the main roads and there’s a Flaming Hoop directly above it.

The secret location is the large statue shaped like a person that's made out of motor vehicles.

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For even further perspective, it looks like a drunk Optimus Prime died upright and rigor mortis set in.

Land directly on Optimus’ forehead and the Hidden Banner will appear right next to the horn in the center of the cab’s roof.

The hidden banner is either right on top or somewhere on or near the car featured on the right side of this image. So the left arm?

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Don’t forget that the only way to claim this Hidden Banner is to first complete all seven of the Week 6 challenges to then unlock the Hunting Party loading screen. Then, and only then, the banner will materialize at this location.

The current Fortnite season is scheduled to end on or around December 5, so there’s still more than a month for players to complete these challenges and claim the Hidden Banner.

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