'Fortnite' Flaming Hoop Locations: Map and Video Guide for Week 5

Flaming Hoops are back, so it's time to bust out some risky vehicle tricks.

Cue your favorite Johnny Cash playlist yet again because huge rings of fire have returned to the world of Fortnite: Battle Royale, making the Halloween-inspired Fortnitemares even more hellish. Get ready to ride through flaming hoops all over again.

Week 5 challenges were unlocked Thursday morning, and they include one that requires players to “Jump through flaming hoops with a Shopping Cart or ATK” five times total. Not to be confused with the Season 5, Week 4 version of the challenge that was identical, the locations have changed for Season 6, Week 5.

The strategy remains the same, though. Players need to acquire a vehicle and drive it through a flaming hoop. In every instance, the hoop is accompanied by a wooden ramp leading up to it that pretty much never goes far enough. So players should build a few wooden platforms to help them make the leap.

This challenge says it needs to be completed with a Shopping Cart or ATK, but it appears that the new Quadcrashers work just fine. In fact, using them makes it even easier.

Each X marks a potential spawn location for either a Quadcrasher or ATK, and every O indicates a Flaming Hoop.

Epic Games

Note that all of the flaming hoops are easy to spot from the sky at the start of a match, especially during Fortnitemares when the entire island is shrouded in fog and darker than usual. It’ll give players a good sense of how far apart they are at the very least. The first goal, however, has to be finding an ATK or, ideally, a Quadcrasher.

Looting gear is arguably less important for challenges like this when a vehicle allows the player to just speed away from confrontations. However, because there might be some building involved, it’s still good to hack away at trees and build up your resources.

We recommend landing directly at the racetrack in northeastern Paradise Palms and getting a Quadcrasher. The area just north of Paradise Palms proper has two flaming hoops closer to Wailing Woods and even a Radar Signal for the other Week 5 Challenge.

Players have until the end of Season 6 on or around December 5 to complete this and other Season 6 challenges.

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