'Fortnite' Flaming Hoop Locations: Map and Video Guides for Week 4

"Bringing me the wild desire, I fell into a ring of fire."

Cue your favorite Johnny Cash playlist because Week 4 of Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 is sending players careening through more than one “Ring of Fire.” (Actually, they’re called Flaming Hoops, but Rings of Fire is much cooler.)

Week 4 kicked off on Thursday morning, and in addition to the usual Challenges, there’s on that has players “jump through Flaming Hoops with a shopping cart or ATK.” So literally, players will have to jump through hoops just to complete this Challenge.

Like with many similar challenges of this kind, Fortnite offers more than enough Flaming Hoops around the entire map. Completing the challenge only requires five jumps through hoops, but there are 11 or more available to players. They’re easy to spot considering they’re all ablaze, and there are various ramps also marking the spots.

Here’s a map with 11 locations, each marked with a red circle for easy viewing:

Here are 11 flaming hoops that 'Fortnite' players can jump through in Season 5, Week 4.

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The real trick will be tracking down and claiming a Golf Cart to use for these challenges. As such, pursuing this challenge with a full squad might be a good option so there are fewer players competing to do the same thing and some friends to increase your odds of survival.

We also have a list of several key Golf Cart locations along with Shopping Cart locations. But as a general rule of thumb, just look for where you’d find these things IRL. Golf Carts will be in garages at ritzy places like Paradise Palms or Snobby Shores, and obviously, there are plenty near the race track to the east and the golf course Lazy Links to the north. Shopping Carts will usually be in parking lots and in or near grocery stores, but Golf Carts are a much better option for this challenge.

Perhaps the best locations to pursue this Flaming Hoops Challenge would be Stunt Mountain south of Pleasant Park, but only after getting a Golf Cart from Snobby Shores and getting that hoop first. Then running a wide circle around Paradise Palms after getting a Golf Cart in a northern garage is a good route to take, assuming you do the suicidal easternmost hoop last.

Season 5 won’t end until around September 27, so players have plenty of time to complete this and other challenges before then.

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