'Fortnite' Search Between a Gas Station: Location, Map, and Video Guide

Here's a description, map, and video guide to help.

It’s an even-numbered week of Fortnite: Battle Royale challenges (Week 4 if you’re keeping track at home), and that means there’s the usual “search between” challenge model that has players find a single location between three landmarks.

Week 4 kicked off on Thursday, and with it came a new challenge to “Search between a Gas Station, Soccer Pitch, and Stunt Mountain. There are gas stations strewn across the map and more than a few places to play soccer, so the telling landmark here is Stunt Mountain. Adjusted as part of Season 5, Stunt Mountain is the tall peak directly south of Pleasant Park and west of Loot Lake. It’s called Stunt Mountain mainly because it’s been tricked out with several ramps.

Here’s a handy map that’ll demonstrate the three landmarks and the spot to aim for:

To search between a Gas Station, Soccer Pitch, and Stunt Mountain, head south of Pleasant Park and west of Loot Lake.

Epic Games

Per the video atop this article, the exact location that players want to aim for is a very short, very brown tree just south of a cluster of larger, greener trees. A few steps west of this brown tree is the Battle Star.

I managed to get lucky with this challenge this time around, as all anybody wanted to do was dance rather than hack each other to death with their pickaxes. But typically, skydiving directly to this location leads to getting eliminated very quickly.

If someone is just starting out their Week 4 Challenges, they might as well hack away at nearby trees and build random structures until they get eliminated. After all, they’ll have to build 250 separate pieces to complete that additional challenge. When all’s said and done, this should be easy to do by the end of the season, but it’ll still take some time. It’s also worth noting that Week 4 also requires getting eliminations in Dusty Divot. While that location is pretty far from this “search between” location, it’s likely that the storm will push players in that direction anyway.

Season 5 won’t end until around September 27, so players have plenty of time to complete this and other challenges.

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