'Fortnite' Gargoyle Locations Map: Where to Dance in Front of Them

Along with a video and strategy guide.

The Fortnitemares event has descended upon the island of Fortnite: Battle Royale. That means unique new challenges, including one that asks you to “dance in front of different gargoyles.”

Fortnitemares began early Wednesday morning after Epic Games rolled out a new update. The giant Purple Cube has zapped the corrupted zones of their purple energy, and now that it’s more powerful than ever, it’s spawning Cube Monsters that look like the Husk zombies from Fortnite: Save the World.

Two challenges have players combat these new horrors, and a third sends them back for another visit to the Corrupted Areas. But the fourth and final challenge of this first batch naturally has players dance in front of various inanimate objects. This time it’s gargoyles, which have been conveniently scattered across the map.

These statues are fairly small for gargoyles and instead are shaped more like large trophies. If you have trouble finding them, here’s every currently known location on a map. Keep reading for a more detailed location breakdown and a guide for getting this Fortnite challenge completed as quickly as possible.

The Gargoyles are very spread out for the 'Fortnite' Fortnitemares challenge.

Epic Games
  • Haunted Mansion east of Haunted Hills — On the lowest level of the Haunted Mansion directly east of Haunted Hills, there’s a Gargoyle in the very center of the structure with a torch on either side of it.
  • Western Tomato Temple — In the lowest courtyard area directly west of Tomato Temple itself, there’s a Gargoyle in an enclosed square of stone bricks.
  • Southeast of Risky Reels — Just north of Wailing Woods, there’s a Gargoyle sitting on a chair in a patch of dirt with a scarecrow and a teddy bear.
  • Northern Viking Village — Inside the largest structure in Viking Village, there’s a Gargoyle.
  • North of Flush Factory — One Gargoyle is located atop the cliff that’s north of Flush Factory and directly west of the unnamed factory my friend calls “Little Flush.” Find it right on top of a lone toilet bowl in between the trees.
  • West of Lazy Links — There’s a Gargoyle west of Lazy Links at the southern tip of the mine that’s shaped like an umbrella.
  • Eastern Retail Row — In the store on the eastern side of Retail Row with an inflatable Battle Bus on top of it, there’s a Gargoyle in between two shelves that have Halloween toys and bins of candy.

When in the vicinity of these locations, listen for a spooky jingle that sounds like it’s coming from a Halloween Jack-in-the-Box toy, audible in the above video at around the 3:20 mark.

Most of these locations are equidistant, so hitting more than one in a single match will rely on a lot of luck and will also be dictated by the initial Battle Bus trajectory and storm path. That being said, it’s wise to target one at the start of the match and then move directly to the nearest Corrupted Zone, where Cube Monsters should spawn more frequently and where players can also work towards that other challenge simultaneously.

The Tomato Temple Gargoyle looks pretty excited that I danced on top of him instead of in front of him.

Epic Games

Keep in mind, however, that for most of Wednesday morning, Epic Games fully disabled all of the Fortnitemares challenges due to ongoing matchmaking issues that arose following the event’s activation.

That means Cube Monsters weren’t spawning anywhere and players weren’t getting challenge credit for visiting Corrupted Areas or dancing in front of the Gargoyles. Be sure to check status updates before attempting any of these challenges to ensure that Fortnitemares is fully active.

As of 10:11 a.m. Eastern, Epic Games claimed everything should be fully operational, but who knows if more issues might arise. Also, be on the lookout for even more Fortnitemares challenges unlocking on Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday — not to mention the typical weekly challenges on this and next Thursday.

Halloween season is a busy season for Fortnite: Battle Royale players, apparently.

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