'Fortnite' Corrupted Areas Locations: Map to Find Shadow Stones in Week 2

The optimal way to complete these 2 challenges in 3 matches, tops.

Shadow Stones are back in Fortnite: Battle Royale, transforming players into wraiths that can phase through walls, and it’s just in time considering two important Week 2 challenges involves players traveling to Corrupted Area locations on the map and using Shadow Stones to earn some Battle Stars.

Fortnite Week 2 began Thursday morning at 9 a.m. Eastern, and surprisingly, all of the leaked Week 2 Challenges were correct. These seven challenges represent perhaps the single most straightforward week of the Fortnite Battle Pass ever. Three of them at least start with dealing damage from specific weapons, one is just SMG eliminations, and another requires a distance-based elimination. The remaining two, while also straightforward, do actually involve a bit of strategy.

So what’s the most efficient way to “Visit all of the Corrupted Areas” and “Use a Shadow Stone in different matches”?

For starters, the Corrupted Areas are easily recognizable on the in-game map. I’ve circled all seven in red in the map at the bottom of this article. It’s totally doable to visit four or more in a single match using Shadow Stones for the speed boost, along with rift portals and any vehicles players can find. But because players have to use Shadow Stones in different matches, I’ve mapped out three ideal routes for completing both these challenges in three quick games of Fortnite.

Of course, all of this depends largely on the starting trajectory of the Battle Bus in the match and how the Storm moves throughout the game. So feel free to invert these above routes or even mix them up accordingly.

Perhaps the most ideal way to accomplish these challenges is to cross reference the Corrupted Area locations with an updated Season 6 Rift Portal map and the locations of Shopping Carts and ATKs across the map. That way, players can move at maximum speed between the Corrupted Areas.

In my attempt (watch it at the top of this article), I started at the Corrupted Area southwest of Pleasant Park and then moved northeast directly towards a rift portal. That allowed me to travel quickly to the Corrupted Area south of Lazy Links before running to the one near Wailing Woods. Unfortunately, an enemy player eliminated me there, but visiting three of seven Corrupted Areas and using a Shadow Stone in a match means all I need to do is hit two Corrupted Areas in two more matches to complete both challenges.

All things considered, Season 6 has only just begun, so players have until the middle of December when Season 6 ends and Fortnite Season 7 begins. But this is a pretty fun one so you might as well get it out of the way now.

These routes are fairly ideal ways to complete both these Week 2 Challenges in three quick matches.

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