'Fortnite' Week 2 Challenges Herald the Return of Shadow Stones in Season 6

The absence of Shadow Stones isn't the only red flag.

If the latest Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6 leaks turn out to be true for Week 2 challenges, then players will have to spend a lot of time exploring the new Corrupted Areas and using Shadow Stones — so hopefully, the new item will return in time.

Over the weekend, Twitter-based data-miner Cross Leaks revealed an early look at the Fortnite Week 2 challenges. Because these are based on data-mining, the list is probably an accurate representation of the intended Week 2 challenges, but things could always change. The leaked challenges for Season 5, Week 9 were partially incorrect so that might be the case this time around as well, especially considering how Shadow Stones have been disabled for several days.

However, it’s expected that Epic Games will deliver a version 6.10 update to Fortnite over the next few days. Roughly a week after each new season begins, Epic usually offers an extensive patch to the game. That could happen as early as Tuesday morning at 4 a.m. Eastern, or perhaps even Wednesday before Week 2 officially starts on Thursday.

Be skeptical of these leaked Challenges because they could change by the time Week 2 actually starts, especially because there isn’t a “search between” Challenge when there usually is.

Fortnite Season 6, Week 2 Challenges: Visit all of the Corrupted Areas (7)

It was only a matter of time before the new Corrupted Areas became the focus of a Challenge in Season 6. For this Challenge, players would have to visit all seven of them across the map, but there’s no way that would be in a single match, right?

Shadow Cubes can be found only in the Corrupted Areas in 'Fortnite' Season 6.

Epic Games

Fortnite Season 6, Week 2 Challenges: Use a Shadow Stone in different matches (3)

An easy overlap with visiting the Corrupted Areas, all players need to do is consume Shadow Stones in different matches. In theory, these two Challenges could be done in three matches, tops, assuming players can visit 2-3 Corrupted Areas per match and consume at least one Shadow Stone in each match.

The standard Assault Rifle is pretty good at eliminating opponents.

Epic Games

Fortnite Season 6, Week 2 Challenges: Stage 1: Deal damage with standard Assault Rifles to opponents (200)

This multi-stage Challenge starts with Assault Rifle damage and likely moves on to two or more stages involving damage from different weapons. Damage with SMGs? Damage with Sniper Rifles? Who knows.

The Heavy Sniper Rifle in 'Fortnite'.

Epic Games

Fortnite Season 6, Week 2 Challenges: Eliminate an opponent from at least 50m away

Distance-based eliminations would be a new Challenge type for Fortnite, and because the game automatically tracks this, this one seems legit. 50 meters isn’t terribly far, but it does mean that players will probably have to use a sniper rifle to do this. Better yet, they can use a Hunting Rifle and work towards another Week 2 Challenge.

Dual-Wield Pistols in 'Fortnite' would be a great way to accomplish this Challenge.

Epic Games

Fortnite Season 6, Week 2 Challenges: Deal damage with Pistols to opponents (500)

In other circumstances, this one wouldn’t be surprising at all, but because these leaked Week 2 Challenges also include two others that are damage-based, I’m skeptical.

'Fortnite' Tactical SMG.

Epic Games

Fortnite Season 6, Week 2 Challenges: SMG Eliminations (3)

Pretty standard stuff here that comes as no surprise. SMGs are great at eliminating enemies, so this one should be fairly easy.

The 'Fortnite' Hunting Rifle isn't terribly good at dealing damage or eliminating opponents unless the wielder has an accurate shot.

Epic Games

Fortnite Season 6, Week 2 Challenges: Stage 1: Deal damage with Hunting Rifles to opponents (200)

This one is not only surprising but it would be immensely difficult to actually pull off. Even just the first stage, dealing damage with Hunting Rifles would take some time. Hunting Rifles have a slow rate of fire and don’t deal a lot of damage to begin with. And just finding one is somewhat rare.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Week 2 is expected to begin on Thursday, October 4 at 9 a.m. Eastern.

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