'Fortnite' Map Changes in Season 6: Haunted Castle, Loot Lake, and More

Check out this spooky haunted castle.

The entire map for Fortnite: Battle Royale has changed to become a much scarier place to be in Season 6, probably because a creepy purple cube opened up some vortex to hell.

Fortnite Season 6 began Thursday morning, bringing with it a ton of changes to the Battle Royale game in terms of new items, old items getting vaulted, and fresh alterations to the terrain. Even a casual glance at the new map shows some pretty drastic changes, but there’s a lot more spread out across the entire island to surprise — and scare — players.

Just like almost every season before it, Fortnite Season 6 is bound to evolve over the next 11 or so weeks, reshaping the map as a loose story unfolds in typically cryptic fashion. Plenty more is bound to change between now and the season’s end sometime in December.

But here are all the changes, big and small, that we’ve noticed in Fortnite Season 6 so far:

We'll never see this face again.

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Fortnite Map Changes: The stone heads disappeared

The many stone heads scattered about the map have vanished. They originally appeared as part of Season 5, seemingly teleported through interdimensional rifts to the present day.

Fortnite Map Changes: The Three Little Pigs have houses on the island now

Editable buildings are nothing new in the world of Fortnite, but three new ones have been dubbed the “Little Pig” houses in the Fortnite community because each is a tiny house made of a different building material.

  • The wood building is northeast of Paradise Palms.
  • The brick building is south of Greasy Grove.
  • The metal building is north of Lazy Links.

The going theory is that these houses are somehow related to Dire, the werewolf outfit that was also introduced for Season 6. After all, in the classic story, the big bad wolf blows the Little Pigs’ houses.

A meteor destroyed this building, then the Purple Cube, and now it's ready for reconstruction.

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Fortnite Map Changes: Structures destroyed by the cube get rebuilt

The mysterious purple cube tore a wave of destruction through Fortnite island over the past few weeks, knocking down buildings along the way. Now that the cube is busy holding up a giant island over Loot Lake, it looks like someone is rebuilding those structures.

Fortnite Map Changes: Fatal Fields Got Legit Corn Fields

Fatal Fields seems more like a legitimate farm in Season 6 with the addition of some seasonal corn fields that players can run through. They offer great cover, but running through them does leave a trail. You might also find a treasure chest if you look for long enough.

"The evil lair is corrupted and chests are on walls with spider webs everywhere." - Reddit u/Abbx

Reddit u/Abbx

Fortnite Map Changes: The Superhero Mansion and Evil Villain Lair were abandoned

Introduced in Fortnite Season 4 to go with the superhero theme, the Superhero Mansion and Evil Villain Lair (unofficial names) have now been totally abandoned. They’re all boarded up and mostly abandoned.

Fortnite Map Changes: There’s an underground base in Wailing Woods

Players have wondered what was inside the hatch in Wailing Woods since it appeared back in May, and a new underground base sort of answers the mystery. Instead of the hatch, the entry is directly under the central area of Wailing Woods, revealing a maze of underground tunnels and rooms. There’s even a rift portal that players can use to teleport out.

This new castle might be the creepiest 'Fortnite' location ever.

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Fortnite Map Changes: There’s a spooky castle near Haunted Hills

In between Haunted Hills and Junk Junction atop a certain peak, there sits a dark, seemingly haunted castle. It’s an expansive new structure that remains pretty mysterious, but it also has plenty of rooms and towers to explore. It’s also packed with loot and may quickly become a popular landing destination.

Fortnite Map Changes: Former purple cube rune locations becom corrupted areas with Shadow Cubes

Towards the end of Season 5, the purple cube left magical runes at several locations. For Season 6, those spots transformed into creepy-looking corrupted areas featuring a new consumable item akin to Hop Rocks. Shadow Cubes transform the player into a wraith-like being that can’t use weapons but can move quickly and even appear invisible when standing still. Perhaps creepiest is their ability to phase through walls.

What kind of demon magic makes this possible?

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Fortnite Map Changes: Duh, the island on Loot Lake now floats in the sky

This one should be obvious to anyone that sets foot in Fortnite: Battle Royale for Season 6. After drowning itself in Loot Lake on September 19 and transforming the water into a bouncy platform, the purple cube returned. It’s currently levitating the island up in the air, creating an otherworldly purple cyclone all around it.

None of this makes any measure of sense but it’s pretty awesome. If someone jumps off the floating island, they just get caught in the blast of air coming out of the cyclone, allowing them to skydive again. And if they run right into the cyclone at the base, it’ll shoot them up in the air.

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