Fortnitemares 2018: Fortnite Halloween Event Brings Back Revolvers and More

Here's everything to know, including some speculation.

Halloween is barely more than a week away, and while other video games like Destiny 2 and Overwatch have been celebrating for weeks, Fortnite is finally about to launch its own festive Fortnitemares event.

The Sanctum vampire skin was only the beginning. Epic Games began teasing Fortnitemares over the weekend through a series of cryptic tweets that included strange poems. There are costumes and emotes (per usual), but also the promise of unique new challenges just for the event — and maybe even a limited time game mode that may or may not include some kind of zombie?

All this comes while the Purple Cube has been zapping the power out of the runes previously located in the various Corrupted Areas. So now that it’s supercharged, the Cube will probably be what triggers this whole event. In this way, Fortnitemares will probably play a central role in how the overall Season 6 storyline evolves.

Concrete details are still scarce about what Fortnitemares might entail, but here’s everything we know so far based on teasers, hints, and a few assumptions.

Fortnite Fortnitemares might have zombies

Costumes and dancing are nothing new to Fortnite, but does this mean that players might have to wear certain outfits to dance somewhere specific?

“Partner up” makes it seem like Fortnitemares might be some kind of Duos event, but if players don’t know whether someone is “friendly” or a “ghoul in disguise,” then perhaps that means some players are ghouls, like when they consume a Shadow Stone? The character in the image looks like some kind of zombie cowboy.

The Fortnite Shadow Cubes are in shackles

The second teaser, released exactly 24 hours after the first, features what looks like a Shadow Stone cube in chains. (For what it’s worth, normally there are more smaller runes on the sides of actual Shadow Stones so this could be something different.) Tombstones quaking definitely implies some sort of undead situation, so is it possible that Fortnitemares is a duos mode in which some players are actually zombies?

“The circle will close” must refer to the Storm closing in as indicated by the closing purple circle on the map.

Fortnitemares Should Bring Revolvers Back to Fortnite

The third Fortnitemares teaser makes it all but certain that the event will reintroduce Revolvers to the game after they were vaulted in September as part of the version 5.40 update. But this also implies that ammo might be limited.

Could this be some kind of “one in the chamber” game mode where players only get more ammo by eliminating enemies?

On What Day Does Fortnitemares Start?

The fourth and seemingly final teaser confirms that Fortnitemares begins on Wednesday, October 24.

A “crack of lightning” illuminates “wins,” but the truly frightening addition is “Arise, dark ones- / The fight begins.” because that’s starting to sound even more like zombies.

An event update on PlayStation 4 indicates that Fortnitemares should last over a month.

Sony PlayStation 

What time does Fortnite Fortnitemares start and end?

According to a video game events notification on the Sony PlayStation 4, Fortnitemares will begin in Fortnite: Battle Royale on Wednesday, October 24 at 6:00 a.m. That’s the usual time that Fortnite updates roll out so this does make a lot of sense.

But it’s surprising that the event supposedly won’t end until Monday, November 26 at 7:00 p.m. Will Halloween really last until after Thanksgiving? That would also fall just over a week before the end of Season 6.

The event description does outright promise, “Spooky rewards await those who complete the new Fortnitemares Challenges.” Fortnitemares might not be a limited-time game mode per se and instead a broader event in the whole game. Players will probably get additional challenges through Fortnitemares similar to the Fortnite Birthday Challenges, and the “spooky” rewards are probably Halloween-themed outfits, back bling, etc.

We’re hoping they might also include a black cat Fortnite pet.

Fortnite Fortnitemares begins October 24, 2018.

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