'Fortnite' Radar Signs Locations Map: Where to Speed by Them for Week 5

Just cruise down the roads with a Quadcrasher and they're easy to find.

“Woop-woop! That’s the sound of tha police!” Or it might just be the sound of the police Radar Signs that have been placed along the roads on the Fortnite: Battle Royale* island for a new Season 6, Week 5 challenge.

Week 5 challenges were unlocked Thursday morning. With several totally normal damage-based challenges comes a new edition of the old “Flaming Hoops” task but also a fun new speed-based challenge that pretty much requires a Quadcrasher. The challenge has players “Record a speed of 27 or more on different Radar Signs” five different times. Is that MPH? KPH? We may never know, but we do know it’s gotta be fast.

Trying to do it with an ATK is harder given the vehicle’s slower speed, and with a Shopping Cart, it’s virtually impossible. For simplicity’s sake, I’ve marked all of the known Radar Signs on the below map with speed limit signs and the closest Quadcrasher spawns with red Xs.

Each red X designates a potential Quadcrasher spawn, and the speed limit signs are where each Radar Sign is located.

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Finding the Radar Signs is very easy because they’re all located right on the side of the road, in some cases next to a police car. Generally speaking, a player can just find a Quadcrasher and then cruise around, following the roads to eventually whiz by a Radar Sign.

We suggest either starting at the Race Track or Flush Factory, depending on the trajectory of the Battle Bus. From the Race Track, it’s easy to move south through the entirety of greater Paradise Palms to hit two Radar Signs in a single match.

The cops really want drivers to slow down on the 'Fortnite' island, but the Challenges do not.

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Alternatively, the area surrounding Flush Factory has the greatest concentration. Being in such a speedy vehicle makes it easy to just drive away from any enemies, so it’s fairly easy to just keep driving. With the map in hand, completing this challenge should be fairly easy in two matches.

The Quadcrasher does also work for the Flaming Hoops Challenge that also came with Week 5, so consider also aiming for those while you have the vehicle.

Players have until the end of Season 6 on or around December 5 to complete this and other Challenges.

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