'Fortnite' Sheet Music Location in Pleasant Park Retail Row: Map and Video

Time to dust off those piano keys.

Fortnite just unleashed what’s perhaps one of the hardest challenges of all time, and all it’s reminding me of is the post-credits scene from the “Pickle Rick” episode of Rick and Morty because it’s all about giant pianos. Here’s what you need to know about the Fortnite Sheet Music challenge.

Fortnite Season 6, Week 6 Challenges unlocked Thursday morning, and many of them are standard fare. Use Chiller traps, search chests, get shotgun eliminations, etc. But the sixth is a multi-stage challenge that starts with “Find a stand with Sheet Music in Pleasant Park.” There’s a lot of misinformation floating around the internet about this challenge, so allow me to set the record straight.

For this challenge, players have to first find Sheet Music somewhere inside Pleasant Park and then, in a separate match, play a brief tune at a nearby massive piano. The same two-step process then has to happen in Retail Row. After each piece of Sheet Music found, it then appears behind the accompanying piano for players to reference during their … performance?

Arrows point to the location of the sheet music and boxes indicate where to find the giant piano keys.

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What makes this challenge so incredibly hard? Other players.

It seems like lots of players are landing at the piano keys and bumbling around confused, wondering why that doesn’t count for Stage 1. If anyone interrupts a player while they’re trying to play their tune, the whole thing is ruined for everybody. That’s not to mention anything about trollish enemy players gunning down everyone for the easy eliminations.

At least for the music-playing portion, players pretty much have to bring a few guns with them to eliminate anybody that might interrupt. Even then, actually playing the proper tune presents its own challenge.

Thankfully, we’ve got video guides and the precise locations for each stage.

Stage 1: Find a stand with Sheet Music in Pleasant Park

The specific house players need to look inside is in north-central Pleasant Park. It’s decorated for Halloween and is somewhat small, but that only makes it easier to find. Go inside the front door that faces south, turn left immediately, go through the interior door, and the music is right there next to the edge of the window.

Stage 2: Play the Sheet Music at the piano near Pleasant Park

The Sheet Music appears on the stand behind the piano only after it’s been discovered, and it reads “C-E-G-E-C.” Playing this tune is doable by jumping over the D and F keys back and forth the piano, but we advise walking off the piano altogether for each step. It’s better to take the time rather than rushing it. Every moment wasted is another moment enemy players can come by with weapons to totally murder hapless pianists.

Stage 3: Find a stand with Sheet Music in Retail Row

Players want to head to the large easternmost building on the edge of Retail Row. In the room just south of the building’s center — the one with all the bookshelves — the Sheet Music is located on the interior western wall. This is a pretty large and confusing building, so do refer to the accompanying video.

Stage 4: Play the Sheet Music at the piano near Retail Row

The final step is perhaps the hardest because there’s a lot more foot traffic, the music itself is more complicated, and this piano has two octaves. The music reads “A-E-F-A-E-C-A” but it’s important to distinguish that all of the notes except for the final A have circles around them. That means they’re in the higher octave on the right half of the piano. The final A is on the left half with a square around it.

Players have until on or around December 5, when the current season ends, to complete this and other Season 6 challenges. And because this one’s so involved, it might be a good idea to get it out of the way sooner rather than later.

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