'Fortnite' Week 5 Secret Battle Star Location: Loading Screen Map and Video

The Hunting Party is heating up.

The latest Hunting Party loading screen continues a spooky story for Fortnite Season 6. In Week 4, female vampire Dusk was hunting Fable, but this time around it looks like an upgraded Calamity hopes to even the score. Here’s how to get this week’s secret Battle Star.

Week 5 challenges only unlocked Thursday morning, but thanks to the usual leaks beforehand, plenty of us have already seen the new Hunting Party loading screen that unlocks when someone completes all seven of the Week 5 challenges. In the loading screen, Calamity aims a crossbow at dusk in the foreground while the new Deadfire cowboy skin squares off against the male vampire Sanctum.

As always, this loading screen has a clue, and this week it offers the location of another secret Battle Star, continuing the trend of odd-numbered weeks having Battle Stars and even-numbered weeks having Secret Banners.

In the epic image, there’s the faint silhouette of a Battle Star in a window on the ramparts of the Haunted Castle in eastern Haunted Hills. But which one?

The Week 5 Hunting Party loading screen hints at a specific window at the Haunted Castle.

Epic Games

This one’s definitely one of the trickier loading screen clues to decipher because all of the towers at the Haunted Castle look virtually identical. But based on the orientation of the staircases in the image and the towers, we can safely confirm that this window is located in the southwestern-most lower tower.

The window itself faces east, but players won’t be able to land directly in the opening. They’ll have to either build platforms up to meet the window or land on the roof of the tower and hack through the roof to fall onto the inside.

Head to this location to find the Secret Hunting Party Battle Star, but only after completing all of the Week 5 Challenges.

Epic Games

Don’t forget that the only way this Battle Star will materialize is if the player has completed all seven of the Week 5 Challenges.

To get there, use our guides to some of the Week 5 Challenges:
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Season 6 is slated to end on or around December 5, so there’s still plenty of time to complete all of the Week 5 Challenges and gain access to this particular secret Battle Star.

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