'Fortnite' Week 3 Secret Battle Star: Loading Screen Location and Map

Watch out for the big bad wolf.

The Fortnite Season 6 Hunting Party Challenge continues, and much like Week 2, this one’s all bout the new wolf character that’s stalking everyone else. Here’s how to solve the new loading screen puzzle and find that secret star.

Fortnite Season 6, Week 3 began Thursday morning at 9 a.m., and even though hardly anybody has had the time to blaze through all seven of the new challenges, the Hunting Party loading screen leaked days ago. Whenever a player completes all seven challenges in a given week, it unlocks a unique Hunting Party loading screen. In each, there’s a clue hinting at an in-game location where players can them claim a secret, usually either a Banner or Battle Star.

Week 3 sends players to Wailing Woods to claim a Battle Star worth an entire tier. In the loading screen, Fable (the badass Little Red Riding Hood outfit) stands near a recognizable cabin in northeastern Wailing Woods, and she’s seemingly fighting with four different versions of Dire, the progressive werewolf outfit.

Fable battles with several different Dires in various stages of lycanthropy in the 'Fortnite' Week 3 Hunting Party loading screen.

Epic Games

So far, it seems like Giddy-Up, Calamity, and Fable all seem like the good guys, along with the Scarecrow skins from the Week 1 Hunting Party loading screen. Dire, however, is clearly the villain in this story, if there is one.

Behind all of the main action in the Week 3 loading screen, there’s the faded silhouette of a Battle Star right on the chimney. Assuming players try to land here right out of the Battle Bus, know that the actual location is directly northeast of the center of Wailing Woods on the side of the chimney that faces west towards the middle of the forest.

Head directly to the roof of this cabin to find the Week 3 Hunting Party secret Battle Star in 'Fortnite'.

Epic Games

Again, the only way to actually claim this Battle Star is to first complete all seven of the Week 3 challenges and therefore unlock the Hunting Party loading screen to claim this secret prize.

There’s still plenty of time left between now and the end of Season 6 sometime in early- to mid-December, so players might have an opportunity to claim this prize sometime between now and then.

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