'Fortnite' Week 2 Secret Battle Star: Location, Map, and Video Guide

It's time to find the stage coach.

The second week of the new ongoing Hunting Party Challenge in Fortnite: Battle Royale continues in Week 2 with a new loading screen.

The Week 2 secret loading screen is awarded to any players that finish all of the Week 2 challenges, which were unlocked at 9 a.m. Eastern on Thursday. Whereas the Week 1 Hunting Party loading screen featured the cowgirl Calamity, the new one puts Giddy-Up — the horse-riding costume — front and center.

In the loading screen, Giddy-Up is having a delightful time in Wailing Woods playing around with some fireflies at night, but he doesn’t notice all of the Dire werewolves surrounding him in the darkness. The secret silhouette on a tree to the right indicates that there’s a hidden Banner at some kind of stage coach.

Currently, there’s only one possible location that this could mean, and it’s in northwestern Paradise Palms right next to the road. (It’s not far from one of the Fortnite birthday cake locations from Season 5, for whatever that’s worth.)

Watch out Giddy-Up!

Epic Games

It’s unclear why Week 2 is a hidden banner rather than a secret hidden battle star. The last few weeks of the Season 5 Road Trip Challenge involved banners rather than battle stars, so it’s typically a late-season occurrence. The Hunting Party Challenge series, however, is bucking the trend.

Typically, these secret Challenges offer hints as to where the overall season plot might go. Late Season 5 Road Trip loading screens indicated that the Purple Cube might be evil, but so far we’ve just seen random antics from Calamity and Giddy-Up.

All things considered, Season 6 has only just begun, so players have until the middle of December when Season 6 ends and Fortnite Season 7 begins to finish all seven of the Week 2 Challenges and claim the hidden banner.

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