'Fortnite' Birthday Cake Locations: Where to Find Every Cake on the Map

You'll need all 10 to complete this sweet Challenge.

Happy birthday, Fortnite!

Fortnite first released on July 24, 2017, so developer Epic Games is celebrating with a few in-game birthday-themed challenges for players to enjoy, and the rewards are pretty sweet. Two of the challenges only require players to deal damage and complete matches, but there’s also one that has players “dance in front of different Birthday Cakes.” So where are the birthday cakes?

We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive map of all 10 known birthday cake locations. The mostly white and blue five-tier cakes are larger than any player avatar by far, so they stand out in their various locations. They don’t glow like the lightning bolts or similar challenges, but they’re very easy to spot for players that already know the general location.

Each one has a huge “1” birthday candle on top and is placed on a large table. In some cases, there are also small slices of cake surrounding the big cake that can make it easier to spot.

Here’s all 10 of the known Fortnite: Battle Royale birthday cake locations:

Here are all the known 'Fortnite: Battle Royale' Birthday Cake locations.

Epic Games

Need some more help? Here are specific details about each cake’s location, which are all thankfully next to or in a named location:

  • Flush Factory — In the northern parking lot, this one’s just north of the giant toilet statue.
  • Fatal Fields — In the very middle of Fatal Fields at the center of the farm.
  • Paradise Palms — Just north of Paradise Palms proper, there’s a cake encircled by slices of cake barely southeast of the bend in the road.
  • Greasy Grove — Between Durr Burger and the basketball court on the northern side of town, there’s a cake.
  • Retail Row — Southeast-central Retail Row has one sitting in a parking lot.
  • Loot Lake — Just west of where the river and Loot Lake meet, there’s a cake above the waterfall.
  • Lonely Lodge — Near the parked caravans in western Lonely Lodge, there’s a cake on a small hill.
  • Pleasant Park — On the east side of Pleasant Park, there’s a cake on the grass area behind the gas station.
  • Lazy Links — The southern end of Lazy Links has a cake near the road that runs close to some sand traps.
  • Wailing Woods — Outside of the actual Wailing Woods, heading towards Risky Reels to the north, there’s a cake atop a hill.

Only the top tier of the birthday cakes looks like this in 'Fortnite: Battle Royale'.

Epic Games.

Unlike similar Challenges — like the “dance in front of different cameras” Challenge — players need to visit all 10 of the available birthday cakes. Normally, there would be far more items that players can interact with than they need, but that’s not the case for this special Challenge. Dancing in front of all the cakes awards players with the “Happy Birthday!” Spray

The other two birthday Challenges require players to complete 14 matches and to deal 1,000 damage to enemy players for 5,000 XP and the “Fortnite Birthday!” Emoticon, respectively. Completing them all unlocks some sweet Birthday Cake back bling, which seems totally worth it.

Fortnite’s birthday celebrations are slated to end on or around Monday, August 6 which means that players have 13 days from the start of these Challenges to complete them.

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