Video Shows Xbox One Turning On to the Sound of the Taco Bell Ring

Gaming with grub has never sounded so good.

There is a limited edition Xbox One console that turns on to the bell ring of Taco Bell. You didn’t know you wanted this, but now you do.

On Wednesday, Taco Bell announced a sweepstakes where the fast food chain will award an Xbox One X console every ten minutes to any customer who buys a $5 Chalupa box. The contest runs from October 18 through November 21.

The big twist is that the Xbox One X awarded by Taco Bell will turn on to the famous Taco Bell ring. The bundle will also include a white Xbox Elite Wireless Controller and three months of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold membership.

Furthermore, Taco Bell claims in the press release it will deliver winners of the Xbox One X just 72 hours after being declared the winner. That’s a rather quick turnaround time from munching on tacos to playing the new Call of Duty.

The Xbox One was released in 2013. In 2017, Microsoft released the Xbox One X, an jacked up version of the console that comes with more sophisticated internal hardware that allows the console to run 4K media and virtual reality. All Xbox One games are compatible on any Xbox One console, but the Xbox One X is built to be future proof (until the next console comes out).

Buying a $5 Chalupa box at Taco Bell could award you an entire Xbox One X console bundle.

Taco Bell

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