'Daredevil' Season 3 Trailer: Is That Bullseye Entering the MCU?

Matt Murdock is back (in black), and he’s not alone. In the latest trailer for Season 3 of Marvel’s Daredevil, premiering on October 19, a new villain that is probably, totally Bullseye appears, and he’s stolen Matt’s red costume.

On Thursday, Marvel and Netflix premiered the new trailer for Daredevil Season 3. The trailer features the return of Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio), who leverages his way out of prison and back into society. Fisk wastes no time making a bad guy out of Daredevil, who is on the verge of a comeback following his near-death at the end of last year’s crossover series The Defenders.

But Fisk isn’t working alone. A new character, played by Wilson Bethel, appears wearing Daredevil’s stolen red costume. Whoever this guy is, he has really sick aim. It’s almost like he knows how to hit a bullseye.

Fans know what’s up: Without seeing his face or his own weird costume, we can deduct that Wilson Bethel is playing Bullseye, one of the deadliest foes in Daredevil’s rogues’ gallery.

Introduced in Daredevil #131 in 1976, Bullseye is an expert marksman who can hit his target with virtually anything: Guns, pencils, ninja stars, playing cards. Anything. In a famous episode in Daredevil’s history, Bullseye kills Daredevil’s love interest, Elektra, using her own sai. It was a traumatic experience Daredevil struggled to get over with, and in some ways, he still hasn’t.

Marvel’s Daredevil premieres October 19 on Netflix.