NYCC 2018: 5 Cosplay Trends to Look Out For, From Doctor Who to Thanos

Will Captain Marvel prove popular?

by Josie Rhodes Cook

Everyone has that one reason they go to New York Comic Con. Some people attend every panel they can make it to. Others rack up autographs from their favorite celebrities. But my personal favorite thing about NYCC is the brilliant cosplay on display in every corner of the convention center. And since it’s so close to Halloween you can get a second use out of that cosplay you spent weeks (or months) to create.

When it comes to NYCC 2018, there are more than a few cosplay trends you can expect to see. Of course, some costumes are always popular, but others come and go each year with the release of new movies, TVs shows, and comic books. With that in mind, here are five cosplay trends that you can expect to see dominate at NYCC 2018

5. Captain Marvel

The first trailer for Captain Marvel made a huge impact when it fell to earth on Sept. 18, and even though the movie won’t hit theaters until March 8, 2019, the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero will likely be very popular at this year’s NYCC. It’s the first MCU film starring a female hero, after all, and fans are extremely excited.

4. Wonder Woman

Speaking of female superheroes, Wonder Woman could still prove popular at NYCC 2018. Wonder Woman 1984 will hit theaters on November 1, 2019, and since the first film made such a splash, there’s a good chance she’ll be a popular cosplay while fans wait for next year’s sequel.

3. Spider-Man (or Spider-Ham)

Thanks to Marvel and Tom Holland, Spider-Man is back. The web-slinging hero made for popular cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con this year, though to be fair, Spidey is almost always a popular choice. But thanks to leaked set photos from Spider-Man: Far From Homeand the upcoming animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, fans will have plenty of new inspiration. The latter film will introduce us to an entire multiverse of Spider-Men, including a talking superhero pig voiced by John Mulaney. (Spider-Ham cosplay, anyone?)

2. Doctor Who

Doctor Who cosplay is another trend that can be counted on to deliver at any comic convention, but fans have something special to celebrate this year: the Doctor Who Season 11 premiere and the first-ever female Doctor. Expect to see every incarnation of the beloved character, but especially the newest one modeled after Jodie Whittaker’s historic turn as the first actress to play the role.

1. Thanos

Mood Fabrics, which sells pretty much every kind of fabric imaginable and is usually a presence at NYCC, predicts that Thanos outfits could be big at the convention this year. After the monster hit that was Avengers: Infinity War, and in anticipation of Avengers 4, coming to theaters on May 3, 2019, that’s probably a safe bet.

New York Comic Con runs October 4-7. Follow along with all of Inverse’s coverage right here.

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