'The Flash' Season 5 Spoilers: Set Photo Shows XS and Flash's Full Costumes

Even though The CW has released a few official The Flash Season 5 images of Barry Allen wearing his new supersuit and his daughter Nora wearing her XS speedster costume, we haven’t actually gotten a clean look at what their new boots look like. That’s all changed, and now we know what kind of boots speedsters wear in the future.

On Thursday night, a Flash Instagram fan account run by Devin Xiong called realdailyspeedster shared two set photos taken in Vancouver, where the show is filmed. They both show XS and the Flash working together as speedsters, but the second image shows their entire bodies in frame.

Unlike his previous set of super-boots, which featured a thick golden lightning bolt encircling his entire calf at the top of the boot, Barry’s new footwear has a single tasteful lightning bolt arcing downward from his shin. XS’s boots match the yellow chest insignia that looks a little bit like a zig-zagging shooting star. Interestingly enough, the coloration is deeply reminiscent of the charred yellow of the Reverse-Flash costume.

Also interesting to note: Nora’s speedster lightning is a mix of Barry’s yellow lightning and Iris West’s purple lightning. Her jacket is also the same one Iris wore during her brief tenure as a speedster because in the future Iris gives it to her. Nora seemingly wears the same type of eye cover that Iris did as well.

Despite being a set photo, the image is of surprisingly good quality. Barry’s new Flash costume from the future looks like a fun, bright shade of deep red, making it more comics-accurate than ever. When the first photo leaked of Barry’s new costume, fans weren’t all that pleased, but things are looking better and better — especially with those snazzy new boots.

The Flash Season 5 will premiere on The CW Tuesday, October 9 at 8 p.m. Eastern.