'The Flash' Season 5: Nora's Official Supersuit Revealed in Family Photo

The family that speedsters together stays together in The Flash Season 5, especially when Nora West-Allen’s superhero costume looks as awesome as it does.

The CW released an official promo image Friday for The Flash Season 5 that’s basically a West-Allen family portrait, but it’s also the very first official look we’ve gotten at Nora’s XS speedster costume. Iris and Barry stand in plainclothes behind their daughter from the future.

“Meet the West-Allen family,” a tweet from the official Flash Twitter account read on Friday. We can’t wait to see them awkwardly figure out how to work and live together in Season 5.

As warm and friendly as the family portrait looks, the new family dynamic won’t be so simple. Moments before Nora walking into Joe West’s house in the Season 4 finale, Barry’s eyes went wide at the mere mention of he and Iris having kids. They aren’t really ready to be parents, and yet in Season 5 they’ll have to be parents to a child that’s almost their age.

The Flash Season 4 dropped hints that there was some kind of tension between Nora and her mother.

“Iris is very, very excited and eager to get to know her daughter who’s back from the future,” Candice Patton, who plays Iris, explained to Entertainment Weekly in July. “And I think that, as we hinted in the finale last season, that she’s kind of met with some coldness from Nora. Which we’ll get into later in the season, why there’s some distance in between the two of them.”

 Jessica Parker Kennedy plays Nora West-Allen, Iris and Barry's daughter from the future, on 'The Flash'.

The CW

After traveling from the future and making some “big mistake” in Team Flash’s present day, Nora will team up with her own father in the new season. While there, she’ll give her father his future self’s Flash costume, which doesn’t have the chin strap of most other costumes.

Nora’s costume first leaked via some set photos earlier this August, and this official first look reaffirms that she has one of the coolest speedster costumes we’ve ever seen on the show thus far. If she’s from three decades into the future, does that mean her supersuit might have some kind of high-tech gear that the present-day Team Flash couldn’t even imagine?

That remains to be seen, and we’ll have to wait until October to find out.

The Flash Season 5 will premiere on The CW Tuesday, October 9 at 8 a.m. Eastern.

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