The Flash's Season 5 Costume Leaked and Nobody Is Happy About It

The Scarlet Speedster will don a new costume for Season 5 of The Flash, and an image of the new suit has leaked online, well ahead of the premiere. Nobody is happy about it, least of all the show’s star Grant Gustin.

On Wednesday, Instagram account theflashinglegends leaked a photo (seen here) of Gustin in a new speedster costume. This is presumably the same suit from the Flash ring that was teased in the San Diego Comic-Con trailer, except rather than look like what the Flash might wear in his prime, the suit looks pretty lame, which might just be the result of a bad picture. Still, yeesh.

For the most part, the costume still has red plating with yellow accent lines and a lightning bolt aesthetic, but the bright shade of red is much closer to The Flash from DC Comics. Perhaps the biggest alteration, however, is that this new suit omits the chin and neck panel that’s been on every Flash suit thus far on the show.

A frustrated Grant Gustin took to Instagram to complain about the leak, but also to make a statement to the many haters that harassed him yet again about his thin frame:

It seems clear that the presumably candid photo taken of Gustin in-costume isn’t an accurate representation of what the final suit will look like on the show.

All this recent drama came only a few hours after a description of the new Season 5 costume leaked online, detailing a costume that looks much more in line with the speedster from the comics.

The last time Barry Allen got a suit upgrade was at the start of Season 4, shortly after emerging from a lengthy hiatus in the Speed Force. But even that leather suit looked remarkably similar to previous ones. This new one, it seems, is a much slimmer-looking spandex suit. Doesn’t it sort of have to be if it’s going to squeeze into a ring anyway?

Rest assured that when we do finally get a legitimate promo image of Gustin in the new costume, it’ll probably look far more awesome than something that a random person shot on their phone.

The Flash Season 5 premieres Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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