The New Apple Watch Series 4 Is Available Super Soon 

Here's what you should know about pre-ordering OS5, release dates, and more.

by Josie Rhodes Cook

Before Apple’s September 12 keynote event, there were a lot of guesses at what the new Apple Watch Series 4 would boast as far as features were concerned, but no one knew the Apple Watch’s specs for certain until the event took place on Wednesday. However, some information about the upgraded device leaked before the annual event took place at Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California, and did prove to be true in the end.

But despite the breathless rumor mill, there were still some surprises, not to mention crucial details like prices and release dates for the Apple Watch Series 4 that were not available until the presentation took place. Here’s what you should know about when you’ll be able to buy the Apple Watch 4, and more about the newly upgraded device.

Apple Watch 4: Pre-Ordering

Apple Watch on display.

Unsplash / Crew

The Series 4 Apple Watch will feature everything from a bigger display, to a 64-bit processor to enhance performance, to a bunch of amazing new, possibly life-saving health and fitness features, and so much more.

And you can pre-order the Apple Watch 4 as early as Friday, September 14. That may seem really fast, but it’s actually a return to 2016 norms when products were available for pre-order two days after being announced. If you’ve already got an Apple Watch, users will be able to update their Apple Watch to watchOS 5 starting on September 17.

Apple Watch 4: Release Date

The Apple Watch Series 4 will be officially available on September 21. That means you’ll be able to walk into an Apple store and get one that day, if you’re not interested in pre-ordering the device for whatever reason. The Apple Watch 4 will be available to an impressive 34 carriers upon its release.

Apple Watch 4: Prices

Apple isn’t exactly offering a budget option with the Apple Watch 4, instead dropping the price for the Series 3 Apple Watch to $279 to start, according to the price announcement at the fall product event.

Prices for the Apple Watch Series 4 start at $399 for the GPS-only model of the device. The cellular equipped model will retail at a whopping $499. The differences in price really come down to what features and Apple Watch specs you’re looking for, and what you’re willing to pay for them.

The Apple 4 smartwatch will be available in three different aluminum finishes: silver, gold, and space grey. So after you’ve decided which Apple Watch 4 you want, you’ve just got to decide which color matches your overall look the best, and either pre-order it starting Friday, or wait patiently for the new Apple Watch’s release on September 21.

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