'Fortnite' Three Oversized Seats: Where to Search Between Them in Week 8

Apparently toilets are "seats" now?

The typical “search between” Challenge format for Fortnite: Battle Royale just got another variation in Week 8. So what’s the deal with those big chairs and why is one of them a toilet?

Week 8 began Thursday morning, and rather than the usual “search between” three landmarks, this week does something similar to Week 6’s “search where the stone heads are looking” Challenge. Players have to “search between three Oversized Seats.”

For players that don’t recognize the reference, the three oversized seats refers to the giant toilet in Flush Factory, a chair composed of shipping containers near the indoor soccer field east of that, and a huge wooden chair southwest of Shifty Shafts.

Here’s a map with all those locations and the spot between them all where players can go to complete the Challenge.

The specific location is atop the mountain just north of Flush Factor.

Epic Games

The trick is to land right near the westernmost tree on that highest ledge and then walk to the edge that overlooks the area to the southwest. Players should be looking almost directly at Flush Factory when the Battle Star emerges.

Just like every other “search between” or “treasure map” Challenge, if players attempt this one early in Week 8, they’re going to come up against a lot of competition from enemy players. When I attempted it, a player gunned me down just a half-second after I claimed the Battle Star.

Week 8 has another Challenge that’s totally doable in such a situation: “deal damage with a pickaxe to opponents.” Players ought to claim the “search between Battle Star” and then spend the rest of their match hacking away at all the enemy players in the vicinity.

Season 5 is scheduled to end on or around September 24, 2018. We still don’t know much about Season 6, but that creepy purple cube will probably have something to do with it.

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