'Fortnite' Snobby Shores Treasure Map Location: Check Out Our Video Guide

Players will have to go to some spooky places.

Another odd-numbered week in Fortnite Season 5 means another treasure map Challenge, and Week 5 has players “follow a treasure map found in Snobby Shores.” But what location does that treasure map lead to?

Week 5 downtime began at 4 a.m. Eastern on Thursday, but the Challenges didn’t officially roll out until 9 a.m., confirming the leaked Challenges from earlier in the week that includes teleporting through rift portals.

Per usual, players don’t have to even bother going to Snobby Shores if they know the exact location of the treasure, which is actually located in Haunted Hills at the following spot:

The leaked treasure map leaves little room for speculation. 

Epic Games

The treasure map clearly indicates an aerial view of Haunted Hills as seen from the west. The most recognizable landmark here is the church/cathedral on the eastern side of Haunted Hills. That means the X marks the small L-shaped building directly north of that building. Most players analyzing the leak assume that the battle star will be located directly on top of the building, but the building does have an interior and a basement, so it’s also possible — though highly unlikely — that it could be on the inside.

Remember that doing this Challenge soon after it comes out could be risky considering tons of players are bound to flock to that location at the start of the match. If players haven’t gotten eliminations in Haunted Hills yet for the Week 3 Challenge, then now is the time to do it for this very reason.

Also consider that there are rift portals to the northeast of Haunted Hills and directly east of Pleasant Park, should players survive the journey to Haunted Hills and want to work on another Week 5 Challenge.

Season 5 doesn’t end until sometime on or around September 27, so even if players wait, there’s still time.

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