'Fortnite' Flush Factory Treasure Map Location: How to Find the Week 3 Spot

The easiest, but most dangerous, challenge type is back.

We’re back to another odd-numbered week in Fortnite: Battle Royale, which means another Challenge that sends players looking for the secret location hinted at via a treasure map hidden in a named location. This time its the Flush Factory.

Week 3 began at 4 a.m. Eastern on Thursday, and with it came the “Hard” Challenge to “Follow the treasure map found in Flush Factory.” Per usual, all anybody really needs is the final location the treasure map indicates, and they can land directly there to scoop up the easy Battle Stars.

In this case, the treasure map is a crudely drawn depiction of a house that sits atop a peak directly to the northeast of Flush Factory and just northwest of Fatal Fields:

Land on the plateau with a house and ice cream truck in this location, and look for the darkest patch of dirt.

Epic Games

As is the case with most treasure map Challenges, the specific location is on a particular patch of dirt. For this one, players should aim directly for the darkest patch of dirt on the plateau that’s on the eastern side of the area. Considering players will then be stuck on the plateau after completing the Challenge, they might as well leap from the ledge to end the game early or hack away at any nearby players with their pickaxe.

I say this because these treasure map challenges, while totally easy to complete, are also one of the most dangerous on Day 1 as perhaps a dozen players swarm the specific location immediately. For anyone that doesn’t believe me, check out my first take producing the guide video, during which I get gunned down a half-second before completing the Challenge. Some players are very, very mean.

Especially because of all the foot traffic and danger associated with completing this challenge immediately, players can also opt to wait a few days or weeks until they can complete it without any hassle. Season 5 doesn’t end until sometime on or around September 27, so there’s plenty of time remaining to complete challenges like this one.

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