'Fortnite' Patch 5.10 Adds a Tribute to the Most Hilarious Elimination Ever

R.I.P. Chaperdoodle.

Perhaps the greatest death in Fortnite: Battle Royale history was immortalized as part of the version 5.10 update made to the game on Tuesday.

As part of the latest Fortnite update, Epic Games placed a tombstone at the precise location where a player called Chaperdoodle died just last week, forever immortalizing one of the Fortnite subreddit’s favorite videos.

The saga began on July 17 when a redditor going by PointyHatMan shared a gameplay video of popular streamer Muselk embarking on a risky rescue mission in-game. Chaperdoodle had gotten stranded on a very low ledge located off the eastern cliffs of the map, just south of the racetrack. Even though Chaperdoodle could walk around on the ledge without dying, the area was outside the buildable zone of the game’s code. So there was no way out, unless …

Muselk theorized that if he could drive a golf cart down without crashing into the ocean, Chaperdoodle might be able to bounce off the roof and back into the playable zone. Instead of a valiant rescue, the result was comedically tragic.

Watch what happens to poor Chaperdoodle starting around the 1:52 mark:

Muselk demonstrates at the end of the video that the plan totally would have worked. But as the golf cart slid down the hill, Muselk wound up accidentally slamming right into Chaperdoodle, knocking them into the ocean. His body was then lost at sea, never to be seen again (until the next game).

To commemorate the occasion, Epic Games inserted a tombstone in the location of Chaperdoodle’s death, along with a helpful pile of tires that anyone can use to bounce back up into the playable zone:

This glorious nod from Epic Games to the broader culture surrounding their game shows that the developer really pays attention to the broader Fortnite community. It reminds me especially of something like the original Destiny’s loot cave, which Bungie made haunted after players discovered a mind-numbing hack to get tons of loot.

There’s no telling what might happen next in the world of Fortnite but rest assured that we’ll never forget poor Chaperdoodle.

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