The Next 'Fornite' Update Will Make Slurp Juice Even More Powerful

An already great item gets even better.

Epic Games

If Luke Skywalker’s a Fortnite fan, then he’d be pretty stoked to learn that the blue-green milk in Fortnite: Battle Royale that gradually raises Shields over time is about to get a huge buff in patch 5.1, and we all know how much the aging Jedi loves his blue-green milks.

Slurp Juice in Fortnite: Battle Royale is an Epic-rarity consumable that grants grants one health and one shield per second for 25 seconds in the game, but design lead Eric Williamson of Epic Games revealed on Sunday via Reddit that the item would receive a significant buff as part of the 5.1 update.

“In 5.10 Slurp will give 75 points (2hp/s), but prioritize HP first,” he wrote. “If HP is full it’ll go to Shield.”

This is a pretty drastic shift from Slurp Juice’s previous one, but one that’ll prove more effective overall. Previously, the item could potentially heal the user for 25 health and 25 shields, but only if both health and shields were 75 or under. Now Slurp Juice will dole out 75 points total at a rate of 2 per second, so chugging some before a firefight could quickly become the new meta.

Very few HP healing items can top a player’s HP off. Ubiquitous bandages max out at 75 HP, so players need Med Kits, Apples, or a Chug Jug to take them to 100. Slurp Juice could also do that, but only if a player was at 75 HP or higher. Now, if a player were at 75 HP with no Shields, a single Slurp Juice could top off their HP and give them 50 Shields.

Currently, Slurp Juice can only be found in Chests, Supply Drops, and Supply Llamas which makes it one of the rarest items in the game. With these new changes, Slurp Juice will be an even more coveted item.

The version 5.10 update to Fortnite is expected to happen on Tuesday, July 24 and should include new SMG weapons.

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