Every Single 'Fortnite' Rift Location in One Handy Map

Get the drop on your enemies.

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Tired of getting caught off guard by enemies in Fortnite Season 5? Get the drop on your opponents instead with this map showing the location of every single rift on Fortnite island.

Why should you care about the location of rifts in Fortnite Season 5? Here’s a story to help explain.

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Last night I settled in for a few rounds of Fortnite and found myself in a pretty good situation. I’d made it to the final 20 players and I was standing at the top of a mountain well positioned near the center of the storm circle. I was also surrounded on all sides by walls and ramps with a Mythic-level sniper rifle in my hands. Then, out of nowhere, another player parachuted down from the sky and took me out with a few well-placed shotgun blasts while I fumbled with my sniper rifle.

I was angry and confused. I had literally just been standing on the top of a mountain. So where did that enemy come from? When I watched the replay it quickly became clear that he’d used a rift to teleport up into the sky above me before floating down for an easy kill.

If you’ve been in a similar situation, you’re probably wondering where to find one of those rifts so you can turn the tables on your enemies. With that in mind, I’ve whipped up a map that shows the location of every single rift in Fortnite Season 5.

Every single rift location in 'Fortnite Season 5' in one map.

Epic Games/Inverse

This information comes from Fortnite Insider, which also notes that every rift won’t automatically spawn every time. So you may have to check a few locations in each match. Still, it will be worth it when you drop down on an unsuspecting enemy from above.

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