‘Fortnite’ Week 8: The Definitive Guide to All Rift Spawn Locations

Where to find these fractures in space-time.

Once more unto the breach, Fortnite players! Week 8 began Thursday morning, and with it came yet another Challenge sending players through the many rift portals scattered around the map. But unlike the Week 5 version of the same Challenge, the language here is different: “Use a Rift at different spawn locations.” Essentially, only naturally occurring rifts will count towards the Challenge, so keep those Rift-to-Gos in your back bling.

Players have to use a rift portal — shortened to just “rift” this week — a total of 10 times to completely the Challenge.

What more do players need than the comprehensive map we created a few weeks ago?

Here are all of the known rift portal spawn locations on the 'Fortnite' island.

Epic Games

Note that in many cases, the blue circles might indicate a cluster of several rifts close together. It’s possible to go through one and skydive right back down to the same cluster to get three in a row. In fact, players can do all of this without touching the ground once. But some outlets are reporting that individual rifts in the same cluster do not count towards the Challenge. The worst case scenario is that people can still use other rifts in the same location to teleport and dive to another spot.

Keep in mind that much like vending machines and chests, individual spawn locations for rifts are fixed, but not every instance will spawn a rift in every match.

Paradise Palms is by far the best area to pursue this Challenge, as there’s an unusual concentration of rifts in that area. So reaching 10 total shouldn’t be all that difficult. Also note that once a rift is used, it disappears for the rest of the match, so anyone pursuing this Challenge should do so as early in a match as they possibly can.

When Season 6 comes around, all the rifts could disappear, so everyone should have their fun while they still can.

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 5 is slated to end on or around September 24, so we’re within the one-month range before Season 6.

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