'Fortnite' Rift Locations: Video and Guide for Finding Them All on the Map

We're about to break the space-time continuum.

Rift portals make for one of the coolest additions to Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5, and a new Week 5 Challenge requires that players use them multiple times.

Week 5 kicked off on Thursday morning at 9 a.m. Eastern, bringing with it seven new Challenges for players to tackle. There are the usual “eliminate opponents” and “search chests” in a named location, but players are bound to have the most fun simply using rift portals five separate times before the end of Season 5.

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Here’s a handy map that Inverse made earlier this season detailing every known rift portal location:

Here are all 18 known rift portal locations on the 'Fortnite: Battle Royale' island.

Epic Games

Every time a player goes through a portal, it teleports them high up into the air directly above the entrance, allowing them to parachute back down to the ground. Functionally, it’s remarkably similar to a Launch Pad except only one person can use it.

Note that each portal spawns only once per match, so if a player uses it already, it won’t appear for anybody else. Because of this, the best course of action to complete this Challenge is to land directly near one several matches in a row and attempt to chain them together.

It’s feasible to land northeast of Lucky Landing, go through that portal, and use the second skydive to move straight east towards the portal near the road in southern Paradise Palms. Anyone doing it this way is bound to die after only a few teleportations, but at least they can complete the Challenge quickly enough.

Just try to ignore the horrified expression on your character's face after they pass through the rift portal.

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Season 5 doesn’t end until sometime on or around September 27, so perhaps the best course of action is to try and go through one or two rift portals per match for the foreseeable future. That way, players can casually complete this Challenge in no time at all.

Additional reporting by Jake Kleinman.

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