'Fortnite' Season 5 Cinematic Finally Reveals What Those Rifts Were For

Durr Burger is back!

Season 5 of Fortnite: Battle Royale officially kicked off this morning, and alongside the massive new update we also got a cinematic video to help explain some of the changes. The minute-long clip doesn’t reveal much, but it does help explain some of the crazier stuff that’s been happening in Fortnite (and the real world) over the past few days.

The Fortnite Season 5 cinematic starts with the in-game rocket launch, a one-time live event that left a giant rift in the sky. Then, we see rifts pop up all over the map swallowing various objects, including a llama pinata, someone’s glider mid-flight, and the Durr Burger mascot.

Cut to the California desert, where a real-life version of the giant burger previously appeared. We see someone spray painting the burger while music plays from a nearby golf cart. Then rifts appear and swallow up the painter and Durr Burger mascot, dropping them back into Fortnite’s world.

The golf cart is there too (a new vehicle!) and suddenly other objects are rifted in, including an Easter Island stone head, a stagecoach, and a giant ship. Then the video ends as the words “Worlds Collide” appear onscreen.

So clearly those rifts were some sort of portal between dimensions, bridging the gap between our world, Fortnite, and who knows what other locations. To find out what other objects have leaked into the Season 5 map you’ll have to jump into the actual game and explore. Until then we’ll be watching this cinematic on repeat just to get through the day.

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