The 'Ant-Man' Director Just Validated a Huge 'Avengers 4' Theory

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A prevailing theory about time travel being used in Avengers 4 to defeat Thanos was just deemed a “possibility” by one Marvel director, and yes it totally involves the Quantum Realm.

In an interview published by Huffington Post with Peyton Reed, the Ant-Man and the Wasp director confirmed that the film’s post-credits scene left Scott Lang totally trapped in the Quantum Realm. He doesn’t even have an enlarging Pym Particle disc with him like in the first movie. So with the rest of Team Ant-Man turned to ash by Thanos’ snap, Scott’s only option might be to plunge right into a time vortex.

When asked directly about Scott using a time vortex, Reed said, “Based on the science that we’ve set up in the first movie and this one, I won’t rule out the possibility because, again, we are dealing with a time vortex. That could happen.” This is a far cry from anything close to confirmation, but Reed does also say that the Quantum Realm is “definitely a priority” in the MCU moving forward.

Ant-Man stranded in the Quantum Realm at the very end of 'Ant-Man and the Wasp'.

Marvel Studios

By now, we all sort of assume that Avengers 4 will focus heavily on the remaining Avengers using time travel to undo the events of Avengers: Infinity War and defeat Thanos for good. Plenty of set photos even revisit events from past Avengers movies.

It’s unclear right now how the Quantum Realm might factor in, or if this is even true, but theories range wildly from tunneling into alternate realities to accessing the Nexus of the Quantum Realm to travel into one’s own memories.

Scott Lang might enter a time vortex because he has no other options, but what would happen if he did? Would he travel back in time and warn everyone? Some casting rumors indicate that Avengers 4 takes place several years after the events of Infinity War, and that there’ll be a teenaged version of Scott’s daughter Cassie. What if Scott travels into the future where he teams up with his own daughter and Tony Stark to figure out how they can hack the Quantum Realm and use its time-traveling properties?

This is pure speculation, but it’s as good a theory as any.

Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3, 2019.

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