'Avengers 4' Set Photos Suggest a Time-Traveling MCU Do-Over


Avengers: Infinity War ended with a definite loss for the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and if they’re going to stand a chance to undo the damage that Thanos wrought, they might need to turn back the clock. New photos from the Avengers 4 set add further credence to a fan theory that the original Avengers will, at some point in the upcoming movie, travel back in time to a key moment from the original Avengers.

Atlanta Magazine ran a story in late May about “what’s filming in Atlanta,” which is always a big question given how many incentives Georgia gives Hollywood studios to shoot there. Atlanta is Marvel Studio’s main stomping ground, and the MCU returned to the ATL for Avengers 4, as seen in the new set photos.

What’s curious is that, as Comic Book Resources noted, one of the Avengers 4 sets appears to be an exact recreation of a scene from the Battle of New York in 2001’s The Avengers. In that film, Iron Man gets knocked to the ground shortly before Nick Fury informs he needs to stop a missile that’s headed to Manhattan.

In the background of that scene — and in the new pictures in Atlanta Magazine — there’s a damaged sedan, military Humvees, a police car, an ambulance, and similar debris on the city streets.

This isn’t the first hint that Avengers 4 will feature time travel, as previous set photos have also suggested a flashback to the Battle of New York, though the one-to-one matches in these latest pictures are pretty incontrovertible. That one of the moments from the past that the Avengers will travel to is right before Tony took the missile into space to save the day and destroy the Chitauri mothership hints that something different might happen this time around.

Check out the photos over at Atlanta Magazine

Avengers 4 opens on May 3, 2019.