'Fortnite' Leaked Map Shows Major Changes to Tilted Towers

There's also a rocket missing.

Tuesday is when the next Fortnite update will go live. As Season 4 surpasses its midway point, details about the season’s story appeared in new map images found by data miners.

Two Epic Buddies dug up and then shared on Twitter on Monday a new map of the island. There are three areas on the map that are changing, which could be for storyline-related reasons, or to accommodate an upcoming Weekly Challenges. Here’s what we know:

New Tilted Towers


Tilted Towers Gets a New Tower

One of the most notable differences in the leaked map is a new tower in Tilted Towers. When Season 4 started, several areas on the map were decimated by asteroids, which is believed to be the work of the “villain” for this season. The new tower could be a sign that Tilted Towers is recovering and the first step before a brand new version of the location — or there is another bit of storyline involving this newly-built structure.

Leaked Villain's Lair


Where’s the Rocket?

At the villain’s lair near Snobby Shores, a rocket shown in previous weeks — and in the Blockbuster Challenge loading screen — is no longer around! Instead, it appears that the rocket is gone, and in its place is a closed silo door on top of the lair. Could “The Visitor” already launch the rocket, and it’s about to land somewhere? Fornite players on the Nintendo Switch saw a countdown clock on TVs across the island earlier in June. When the countdown ended, it switched to a message that simply read, “Launch.”

Trees at Dusty Divot


So. Many. Trees.

The most mysterious change are the trees in Dusty Divot. The area originally known as Dusty Depot changed at the beginning of Fortnite Season 4, and in its place was a big crater where capsule containing “The Visitor” crashed. With all the additional trees in the leaked map, this could be a sign of something new happening at the crash site to cause this surge of plant growth, or it could be used for a challenge as the apples are found near trees.

Fortnite players will learn what’s going on with the game when Epic Games applied the latest update, which usually happens at 4 a.m. Eastern on Tuesday. As of 10:33 p.m. Eastern on Monday, the developer has yet to tweet about the update, or whether there will be any downtime while it patches the game.

Something else new coming to Fortnite with the next update? The long-awaited Playground Limited Time Mode, which will let players practice their skills without having to worry about 99 other players.

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