'Fortnite' Easter Eggs Tease Rocket Launch to End Season 5

Epic is at it again. 

Fortnite reached its Season 4 midpoint this week. Players who worked diligently to complete the Weekly and Blockbuster Challenges received a new Blockbuster Skin. Now Epic Games started its tease for Season 5.

After the latest update on Thursday, Fortnite: Battle Royale players saw new Easter eggs in the game. The first was a red skull shown on TVs across the island. Then, instead of a skull, a countdown timer started showing up on TV, but strangely enough, only on the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite. Epic is, once again, starting the hype for the next season of the game.

The skull on the TVs first appeared on social media on Friday. When looking at the skull, it is the same as the one marking the new villain’s lair located on a mountain near Snobby Shores. Found in the lair is a red holographic that appears to be a rocket. Then at the top of the base, on the top of the skull, is a rocket. This theory of a rocket launch goes along with the Week 8 Blockbuster loading screen showing the “Visitor” seemingly preparing for a rocket launch, which gives the impression that he’s the bad guy and responsible for the asteroids hitting the island.

Also on Friday was the appearance of a countdown timer. The Twitter user who tweeted the video of the clock mentioned they were using the Nintendo Switch version of the game, and others replied back saying they were not able to see the countdown on the other versions. Factoring in the day the tweet was sent, the timer should match up to the time of the next update, which would be the morning of Tuesday, June 19, the time when Epic normally begins its update for the game.

Epic made similar teases via TVs on the island when Season 3 was ending. Fortnite: Battle Royale players will have to wait until Tuesday to see what’s next for Season 4.

While those playing Fortnite on the Switch, which came out last Tuesday, received a surprise in-game with the countdown, what they also discovered this past week was how Sony is not allowing Epic accounts to be used on the Switch.

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