'Rage 2':  Bethesda Reveals When Players Can Rage Again

Ride across the wasteland in style. 


When Bethesda’s E3 press conference began, Pete Hines, global senior vice president of Bethesda, came on stage and made a joke regarding Walmart Canada’s gaffe of leaking the info about Rage 2 early. After a brief introduction from Hines and a performance of the game’s theme song by Andrew W.K., “Ready to Die,” it was time to see the world of Rage 2.

Developed by Avalanche Studios with help from id Software, Rage 2 will put players in the feet of Walker, who calls himself the “last ranger of the wasteland.” Like in the original game, expect to do a ton of shooting while also driving around in a wide range of vehicles in an open world similar to Mad Max, but with even crazier inhabitants (if that’s even possible).

The gameplay footage shows Walker heading to the Eden Spaceport to find an item to defeat the Authority. In Rage 2, along with a range of weapons to blast the bad guys away, there will be new powers available to punish enemies even more. This goes along with the gruesome-looking damage done with the arsenal of weapons.

Also mentioned in the trailer were vehicles, lots of vehicles. All vehicles in the game are driveable, and if the previous game was an indicator, players will need any vehicle so they can to traverse the giant open world. Walking is simply not an option in this wasteland.

Rage 2 launches Spring 2019. Although Bethesda showed a fair amount of gameplay Sunday, expect even more footage and details at QuakeCon, which starts on August 9 in Dallas, Texas.

E3 2018 doesn’t officially start until Tuesday, but publishers use the days beforehand to make some big announcements. So far there have been some big reveals from EA about Battlefield V, Square Enix regarding Kingdom Hearts III, and Microsoft with a new Halo game.

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