'Halo 6' Trailer Reveals 'Halo: Infinite,' Return of Master Chief

Almost three years after 2015’s Halo 5: Guardians was unleashed on the Xbox One, Microsoft revealed the next installment of the epic sci-fi shooter franchise on stage at E3 2018. Ditching numbers in the title, Halo: Infinite will be exclusive to the Xbox One and Windows 10. In the trailer, a squad of soldiers, and Master Chief, appear to be traversing a new area or a breathtaking update of the multiplayer map, Valhalla.

On Sunday, during Microsoft’s Xbox press conference at E3 2018, the tech giant kicked off its conference revealing Halo: Infinite, the next installment of the core Halo series (not counting the games in the Halo Wars RTS spin-offs) from 343 Industries. There is not yet a release date for Halo: Infinite.

In the trailer for Halo: Infinite, the camera explores an unidentified landscape before revealing a squad of four UNSC soldiers standing underneath a mysterious structure. As the camera moves back, Master Chief has removed his helmet (but the camera still hides his face, of course), and just stands there being the badass he has been since 2001.

For eagle-eyed fans, the map looks vaguely familiar to Valhalla, one of the most iconic multiplayer maps in the Halo series. However, it’s unknown if it is explicitly Valhalla or a different map from the game’s campaign.

Is this Valhalla? Or something new?

Furthermore, the trailer for Halo: Infinite reveals that the game is making use of the new Slipspace Engine, which Microsoft promises to lead gamers “into new and unexpected directions.”

A little more than ten years ago, with the unveiling of Halo 3 at E3 2006, Microsoft promised gamers to “finish the fight.” Now, it looks like the fight is going strong.

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