'Battlefield 5' Gets Battle Royale Mode — Here's What to Expect

DICE is getting in on the battle royale action.


EA held its E3 press event Saturday, called EA Play, and started off the show with a bang and a surprise. Not only did people see a bit more of Battlefield 5, but they also learned that Battlefield is about to join in the battle royale craze.

DICE’s general manager Gabrielson and senior producer Lars Gustavsson took the stage to talk about Battlefield 5. There was a brief talk about some of the new changes to the multiplayer gameplay and the story missions, called “War Stories,” which tell the untold stories of human heroism in World War II. To end their appearance, they announced “royale reimagined for Battlefield,” and said it will give an experience that gamers haven’t played before.

Both members of DICE didn’t go into detail about the battle royale mode for Battlefield 5. They mentioned that players will make use of the weapons and vehicles the series is known for. Further details of the new mode and when it will release will come sometime in the future.

Battlefield 5 multiplayer was, of course, the real focus of the game’s presentation. The members of DICE said Battlefield 5 will not have loot boxes or any premium pass. In fact, they said there will be new content on a daily basis. As for the gameplay, Battlefield 5 will let players move stationary weapons around the map, jump through windows, and find little places to hide as tanks can now ram their way through buildings. Destroyed buildings and areas can be fortified and repaired.

More info about the new Battlefield 5 battle royale mode will come later this year. The game itself will officially release on October 19. Those with EA Access will be able to play the game early on October 11.

If Battlefield 5 is like the previous games in the franchise, expect to see players do their fair amount of stunting.

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