Why ‘Battlefield 5’ Will Have Flying Snipers and the Best Stunts in Gaming

The proud 'Battlefield" tradition will continue.

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Shortly after the official premiere of Battlefield V, the internet is still buzzing with questions. What sort of customization items will be available to player models? Will there be loot boxes? Is there going to be a battle royale mode?

But hardcore fans are wondering something else: Who is going to be the first crazy player to pull off a loopzook in Battlefield V? If you don’t know what loopzooks are, man, you are in for a treat.

It all started with the very first game in the series, Battlefield 1942. Battlefield 1942 was a groundbreaking title that is arguably the grandpa of wildly popular battle royale games today, such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. Although it didn’t have player scavenging for supplies and eliminating each other on an ever-shrinking island, it popularized the concept of big open maps, large groups of players, and large varieties of vehicles in FPS games. There were a lot of players back then that thought they were pretty good. I was one of them.

Then ZookaMan came along.

Yes, you saw that right. ZookaMan looped his plane up, ejected out, blew up the player who was tailing him with a bazooka, got back into his plane once it finished its loop, then flew off.

And then another player, Deathdude, came along and upped the ante with LoopSnipe.

Deathdude flew up, ejected out, scored a headshot with a sniper rifle, and got back in his plane before his victim’s spawn ticket was back up.

Loopzook has become a Battlefield tradition ever since.

In this video, Battlefield 3 player Stun Gravy abandons his plane during a dogfight, snipes the enemy pilot’s jet, and then steals the jet. The video was an entry for the contest “Only in Battlefield 3 Community Video Challenge,” a showcase of the most ludicrous stunts submitted by players. It influenced another wave of stunts called jet swaps, but of course, Stun Gravy started off as a loopzook guy.

Unfortunately, there are no loopzooks for the latest in the series, Battlefield 1, because there are no rocket launchers. However, Battlefield V is almost certainly going to have planes and bazookas. Loopzook will live again.

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