'Fortnite' Player Uses Shopping Cart to Find What's Under Mysterious Hatch

They got in!

Shopping Carts in Fortnite are all the rage with players right now. Some used the carts to do crazy jumps, but one player made use of the “vehicle” to uncover one of the game’s mysteries.

Reddit user Pataxu posted a video in the Fortnite subreddit of himself taking the shopping cart to Wailing Wood. There, they proceeded to head toward the mysterious hatch that was found in May. Using the cart to collide against the hatch, they were able to make the game remove the cover of the structure. Even though the hatch looked open, the code for the cover was still in place preventing from dropping into it. Pataxu then created a ramp and used the shopping cart to go right through the hatch to see what was inside.

What they found was a big, fat nothing burger, which is what some players were able to see through the use of the game’s camera back when the hatch first appeared.

Pataxu said they got the method of “destroying” the hatch door from older videos. In those videos, players caused a graphics glitch that made the structure of the hatch disappear due to a collision of some sort. In those videos, however, the hatch structure was still in place and players could not jump inside. The combination of the speed from the shopping cart and the angle of the collision may have caused Pataxu to pass through the wall, better known as “clipping.”

Now that the secret is out, expect plenty of Fortnite players to take their shopping carts and try it out for themselves. That is until Epic Games gets wind of this and updates the game’s code to prevent this from happening. In the thread, players hope Pataxu gets rewarded for his efforts from Epic, who tend to be good sports about what their fans do for the game.

The next Fortnite update will come Tuesday, but what will not come on Tuesday is the Weekly Challenge. Epic decided to change the days when the challenges go live, going from Tuesday to Thursday.

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