'Supergirl' Season 3 and Missing Arrowverse Crossover Hit Netflix in June

With the Arrowverse on The CW expanding by the minute, it can be hard to keep up with every show on a weekly basis. For the patient viewers who choose to binge on Netflix, there’s one major drawback this year: The third, most recent season of Supergirl doesn’t air until June 18. And the season won’t arrive on Netflix for another eight days, meaning Arrowverse completionists will have to wait well into the summer to watch everything.

On the bright side, the wait is worth it, because Season 3 of Supergirl kicks ass.

On June 18, Supergirl Season 3 will air its finale on The CW. Then, on June 26, the season joins the rest of the latest seasons of The CW’s Arrowverse franchise: Arrow Season 6, The Flash Season 4, Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 (streaming now), as well as Black Lightning, also available now for your binge-watching pleasure.

With the exception of Black Lightning, the newest seasons include the epic crossover “Crisis on Earth-X” in which the Arrowverse heroes unite to stop the invasion of their Nazi doppelgängers, who arrive from the dark timeline of Earth-X. Supergirl hitting Netflix is big news because it is currently impossible to watch all four parts of the crossover on the streaming service. Supergirl’s episode is MIA until the whole season joins the library on June 26,

But, aside from punching Nazis, Supergirl Season 3 has been Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) most emotionally difficult season yet. Reeling from the loss of Mon-El (Chris Wood) in the Season 2 finale, Kara quits her job at CatCo to work for the DEO, shielding herself by fully immersing in her work. But things go awry when a time-displaced Mon-El from the future comes back into Kara’s life, with allies called the Legion of Superheroes — among whom includes Mon-El’s wife, Imra (Amy Jackson), a.k.a. Saturn Girl.

Meanwhile, the bigger plot of the season features the rise of the Worldkillers, Kryptonian witches who seek to cleanse Earth of its sins. At the center of the Worldkillers was Samantha (Odette Annabelle), a hard-working single mother and new LexCorp CFO who assumes the mantle of Reign when she awakens to her secret Kryptonian heritage and dark purpose as leader of the Worldkillers.

Though not as upbeat or just as fun as Season 2, the latest season of Supergirl has been a blast. While the Girl of Steel isn’t as much fun to be around on a weekly basis, the television series keeps on hitting with some emotionally-packed episodes. Have a box of Kleenex ready when you start binge-watching in June.

Supergirl Season 3 ends on June 18 on The CW. The series will begin streaming on Netflix on June 26.