iPhone SE 2 Concept Video Makes Those Rumored Specs and Features Look Stunning

Apple leaks and rumors informed this concept art — a little something to quench that iPhone thirst.

Concept Creator

A nonstop torrent of rumors have flooded the news feeds of iPhone fans everywhere. With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference scheduled to begin on June 4 and September’s iPhone Keynote not far behind, there has been endless speculation as to what the next set of Apple smartphones will look like. But no rumored model has been more hyped than the smaller, budget-friendly iPhone SE 2.

Ever since chatter began that Apple might revive its sleek and compact 2016 model renders, a potential new name, and even a sketchy prototype of the phone have made their rounds online. But now thanks to the concept artist behind YouTube channel Concept Creator, we no longer have to use your imagination to dream up what the iPhone SE 2 might look like.

The channel published a video an eye-popping concept video fusing together all of the leaks and rumors into one incredible animated mockup. If 2018’s budget phone looks like this, well, get your checkbook ready.

iPhone SE 2 Leaks and Rumors That Informed the Concept Video

The animation shows off the edge-to-edge screen that the previously published Olixar renders included. It also incorporated the signature notch and Face ID capabilities that Japanese blog Macotakara reported would likely be included in the phone.

Concept Creator

The only thing missing was the rumored all-glass back, which would enable wireless charging. But this might have been excluded intentionally. There has been lots of chatter that the iPhone SE 2 might include wireless charging capabilities, but Macotakara was unable to verify this from its sources at the 2018 Global Sources Mobile Electronics convention in Hong Kong.

Concept Creator

The video beautifully merges the compact chassis of the original iPhone SE with the glossy design of the iPhone X, which is what most rumors have alluded to. While this might not be exactly how the phone will look come September, it has at least given Apple fans something to quench their insatiable thirst for everything iPhone. At least for now.

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