Tesla Bests Apple on LinkedIn's List of Top 50 Companies to Work For

Tesla outshined Apple and Netflix.

by Catie Keck

As Elon Musk takes in news of the newly approved $2.6 billion reward plan for his green auto titan Tesla, the billionaire CEO can also celebrate the company joining the ranks of LinkedIn’s Top Companies nationwide.

The list, released Wednesday, places Tesla fifth on a list of 50 employers across the United States. Musk’s Tesla beat out Apple, which ranked sixth, but fell to Amazon (No.1), Alphabet (No. 2), Facebook (No. 3), and Salesforce (No. 4). Netflix, Comcast NBCUniversal, the Walt Disney Company, and Oracle also made the top 10. According to LinkedIn, the list was assembled based on the “billions of actions taken by LinkedIn members” and focused on four primary pillars: interest in the company, engagement with the company’s employees, job demand, and employee retention.

As for Tesla’s outranking of Apple, receipts would seem to backup LinkedIn’s methodology. Victoria Danahy, a former Product Specialist at Tesla whose LinkedIn identifies her as working for the company between 2014 and 2015, wrote in a Quora post in 2015 that she turned down a job at Apple while at Tesla in spite of opportunities for better pay and a better title. Danahy noted that part of the company’s allure, even in spite of comparatively lower pay, is its mission.

“[P]eople who work for Tesla are immersed with, not the car or the ‘I work for a sexy company’ status, but with the meaning it carries,” she said. “Tesla’s mission statement, ‘accelerate the transition of sustainable transportation’ isn’t taken lightly when it comes to the dedicated employees Tesla hires.”

While one certainly can’t measure a company solely by the weight of its negative — or, conversely, even positive — reviews on Glassdoor, it would appear that other former and current Tesla workers agree. And hey, what better time to be at the company than the present as Tesla primes itself for rideshare domination and probable world takeover.

If all of this sounds great, there’s a catch: With more than 500,000 job applicants in 2017, you’ll have some stiff competition.

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