9 Things We Learned from the New 'Infinity War' Trailer

This trailer has lots of new details.

We’re officially entering the final stretch leading up to Avengers: Infinity War because Marvel just released a brand-new trailer for the movie, revealing tons of new footage and details in the process.

On Friday, Marvel released the latest trailer for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, just days after directors Joe and Anthony Russo teased the trailer on Twitter.

Finally, the plot seems to get a little bit clearer: Tony Stark hatches a complicated plan that splits every available hero into two teams we might as well just call Team Wakanda and Team Titan. Each team gets an Infinity Stone to defend, a guy in a flying suit of armor, and because they have to emotionally cripple us in such a way, of course, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark can’t be on the same team.

Thank god they made the choice to send Spider-Man out into space and not the battlefield, which is mostly just an open field.

Here are nine things you might’ve missed from the new trailer.

We see Thanos in his full armor at some point, presumably in a flashback.

Marvel Studios

9. Thanos Wants to “Wipe Out Half the Universe”

Why? We’re not sure, but that’s exactly what Gamora says about her former adoptive father, so we can probably trust what she has to say on the matter.

Gamora also says that if Thanos does get a full Infinity Gauntlet, then he’ll be able to do just this “with a snap of his fingers.”

It's good to see Rhodes suiting up again. They need all the help they can get.

Marvel Studios

8. Rhodes Can Walk Again, and He Suits Up as War Machine

Recent photos from Infinity War implied as much, because Rhodes has some kind of leg harness that lets him stand despite his injury from Captain America: Civil War. These days, it looks like he’s teamed up with Steve Rogers, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, and Falcon.

Not even Vision could have seen this coming.

Marvel Studios

7. Vision and Scarlet Witch Also Go to Wakanda

We haven’t seen a ton from these two in previous trailers beyond Vision getting attacked by one of Thanos’s lieutenants and the two of them sharing an intimate romantic moment. Now it’s confirmed they go to Wakanda with Steve Rogers and his crew in time for the big battle.

Could this also mean that the scene in which Vision gets attacked happens right in Wakanda? Maybe! Vision and Scarlet Witch seemingly join in on the big battle.

Team Wakanda lines up for war.

Marvel Studios

6. Wakanda Is Where Earth Fortifies Its Defenses

We’ve known for a long time that Wakanda would be the site of an epic battle against Thanos’s armies, which led most of us to believe that was where the Soul Stone was hidden. Black Panther seemingly disproved that theory, but now, a new plan from Tony Stark implies that everyone congregates on Wakanda simply because it’s the most defensible place on the planet.

“We’ve got one advantage: He’s coming to us,” Tony Stark says. “We have what Thanos wants, so that’s what we’ll use.”

Vision is probably the bait in Wakanda, and they send Doctor Strange out into space with the other half of the team.

The Titan crew hatches their plan.

Marvel Studios

5. Iron Man, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Drax Wind Up on Titan

Even the earliest footage showed Tony, Peter Parker, Star-Lord, and the other Guardians of the Galaxy fighting directly against Thanos on some alien planet. We’ve since learned that this is Titan, Thanos’s ruined homeworld.

Later in the trailer, we see Doctor Strange using some magic to assist Star-Lord in some cool moves, so it’s possible this team brings the Time Stone to Titan to draw out Thanos.

This must be a young Gamora at some point in the past.

Marvel Studios

4. Infinity War Will Indeed Have Flashbacks

Towards the middle of the trailer, we see Thanos in some war armor clutching a tiny green hand. For all we know, maybe he has another green daughter out there in the present day to replace Gamora?

But the more likely explanation is that this is a flashback to a time when Thanos conquered some planet when Gamora was still very young. This confirms a rumor that Infinity War will have all sorts of flashbacks.

We finally see the Black Order.

Marvel Studios

3. Loki May Have Joined the Black Order and Gave Thanos the Tesseract

Loki’s bounced back and forth from anti-hero to villain time and time again, and his latest turn makes it seem like he straight-up hands over the Tesseract to Thanos and joins the Black Order.

Keep in mind, it’s entirely possible that Loki is forced into doing this and/or gets killed by Thanos in this very scene. We also see Thanos destroy the Tesseract with his fist before putting it into the Gauntlet.

Looks like Ebony Maw wields his own magic against Doctor Strange.

Marvel Studios

2. Ebony Maw Totally Fights Doctor Strange

Set photos over the summer spoiled that Doctor Strange would wind up fighting a member of the Black Order named Ebony Maw, and we see a horrifying bit of their fight. Tons of glass needles dig into a frozen Doctor Strange while Maw seems to chuckle.

Steve Rogers faces off against Thanos in Wakanda.

Marvel Studios

1. Thanos Goes to Wakanda

Until now, we hadn’t actually seen Thanos in the huge Wakanda battle. All of the footage thus far just showed his minions attacking the city and several key Avengers teaming up to fight them. But one of the trailer’s final shots shows him fighting Captain America in what looks like the woods in Wakanda, the same place where we got that epic team-up shot in the first big trailer.

Avengers: Infinity War will be released in theaters on April 27.

Now rewatch the trailer to make sure you caught all of these key moments: