Boring Company Hats are Going for Hundreds on eBay, So I'm Giving Mine Away

Three months ago, Inverse launched its “Musk Reads” weekly email, running down essential stories coming out the world of Elon Musk’s, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, and a driving force for other initiatives like the Open AI project and the Boring Company, his endeavor into underground tunnel-boring as an alternative to congested freeways.

Elon’s got his fingers on lot of buttons, and keeping up with futurist/engineer/entrepreneur’s professional pursuits — to say nothing of his personal interests in science fiction and video games — is harder than delivering a Tesla on time.

If you’ve got Tesla stock, want to travel to Mars with SpaceX, or are just a fellow Spaceballs enthusiast, you could do worse than reading Musk Reads.

Today, we’re announcing a contest for readers of Musk Reads that offers some Musk-related prizes, including a Boring Co. hat that’s now sold out and selling for 10 time the original $20 price on eBay. What better time to give it away than now, to Musk Reads subscribers?

Not signed up for Musk Reads yet? You can sign up for Musk Reads right here and be entered to win.

Enter the Elon Musk Gear Giveaway

We’ll be running the contest for a few weeks and the winner be will be chosen at random. We will notify the winner via email.

Here are the prizes!

What if your portable phone battery looked like a Tesla supercharger? 

Tesla Powerbank

“Designed and inspired after Tesla’s supercharger monument at the Tesla Design Studio,” this phone charger is not quite as good as a Tesla but thankfully it has both a Apple lightning cable and a micro USB.

Why get one on eBay for hundreds when you can get this for free?

The Sold-Out Boring Company Hat

There were only 50,000 of these hats sold, and at $20 a piece, they generated $1 million in sales for the Boring Company’s efforts to develop its tunnel-digging technology that Musk hopes will create a 3D-network of tunnels that connect points inside cities. Through these tunnels, cars will travel on skates and hyperloop pods will shoot through vacuum tubs. That’s the plan, anyway. If you missed out on this hat the first go-round and don’t want to spend hundreds on eBay, this is your chance to get it for free. I wasn’t sure on the legalities of giving away a flamethrower, so the hat was chosen.

Recommended reading.

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

Musk agreed to participate in this biography by then-Bloomberg writer Ashlee Vance, but as Vance explained in this 2015 interview, things got typically Elon. He wanted to add footnotes to the thing, which makes it not a biography, but a boring commercial. Vance stuck to his guns and the result is a deeply reported, fascinating story of Musk’s rather tumultuous childhood in South Africa, his family life, his trip to North America as a teenager, his relentless drive and missteps, and yeah, how he was/maybe still is kind of maniac. Hats and phone chargers are cool, but Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future is the reason I’d enter this contest.

Enter the Elon Musk Gear Giveaway

Tesla Parking Only Sign

So, if you don’t own a Tesla, this will seem a little silly. But get as inspiration for getting one, perhaps.

SpaceX T-Shirt

As shirts for aerospace companies go, this one is pretty good. Show your support for SpaceX’s overarching mission to send humans to Mars. Wear this and you’ll fit in at Kennedy Space Center or in the front row of a live rock ‘n’ roll music concert event.

Enter the Elon Musk Gear Giveaway

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