Elon Musk Thought 'Suicide Squad' Wasn't All That Good Either

He wanted more scene with the Joker, just like Jared Leto.

Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Despite atrocious reviews that made even Batman v Superman seem like a good movie by comparison, a whole lot of people saw director David Ayer’s supposed DC Cinematic Universe savior Suicide Squad this weekend. Presumably among the throngs of Hot Topic customers and misunderstood indoor kids that eagerly bought their tickets – despite the film’s 29 percent Rotten Tomatoes score – was billionaire tech Svengali Elon Musk. According to his Twitter account, he thought it was just okay.

The Musk man has been known to weigh in on various pop culture happenings to both seem like a normal human being and remind people that the tech they see in most outrageously expensive summer blockbusters will probably be reality one day, thanks to Musk’s various companies like Tesla and SpaceX.

So what did a guy worth $12 billion (and change) think of a bloated and questionable action movie about a bunch of barely recognizable bad guys, Will Smith, and an eyebrow-less Jared Leto who overcome their differences to try and defeat an ancient witch? It seems old Elon was into it, but still had some qualms like the rest of us.

Musk, who responded to a tweet sent out by the The Verge with a simple, “Yeah,” agreed with writer Kwame Opam and Tasha Robinson’s roundtable discussion of the film that said its characters are simultaneously the best and the worst. Musk added that the characters made the film enjoyable, but the editing was terrible and that he preferred some more Harley Quinn and Joker to go with the rest of his Suicide Squad.

Musk is like a real life Bruce Wayne, but we have no idea what his superhero alter ego is...yet.

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Maybe he and Leto — who also made it well known that he wanted more of his own character in the film by telling the BBC, “I think there’s probably enough footage in this film for a Joker movie” — could hop in a hypothetical Hyperloop to discuss plans for Musk to fully fund a Joker standalone movie of their own. Anything would be better than Suicide Squad, at this point.

At least the Wonder Woman movie looks pretty great; Elon Musk’s take on that is forthcoming.

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