Here's Probably the Best Line in 'Fast & Furious 8'

"I've been waiting for this."

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If there were a competition for most cars crashing in a single movie trailer, the second official preview Fast & Furious 8 released Wednesday would surely win. But between those hacked self-driving cars crashing was a well-timed throwback to 2013’s Furious 6.

“Uh, guys we gotta come up with another plan; they got a tank,” said Tej, played by Ludacris, back in Furious 6 when the gang’s opponents roll out an imposing tank. It’s a funny line that adds levity to balance a tense situation.

In the newest trailer for the eighth installment of the series, Ludacris gets to see how it feels to be on the other side.

“I’ve been waiting for this,” he says. “We got a tank.”

Besides the long-awaited tank, there’s street racing in Cuba, Vin Diesel’s Dom stays rogue, and Charlize Theron’s Cipher — who plays the new villain in Hollywood’s indisputably craziest action movie franchisehacks all of New York’s self-driving cars. A lot happens in this 3-minute, 11-second trailer.

Furious 6: They got a tank.

Furious 8: We got a tank.

In The Fate of the Furious, the “family” of Dom’s crew has been fractured, as he’s “turned his back on family.” He’s now with Cipher, who followed Dom and his crew all around the world, from London (2013’s Fast & Furious 6), to Abu Dhabi (2015’s Furious 7), to Cuba.

“Our paths have crossed before, Dom,” she says. “You just didn’t know it.” She also tells him he made his choice to be here, but Dom screams, flexing: “I got no choice!”

To get Dom back and reunite the family, Frank (Kurt Russell) forces the group to work with Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), the bad guy from Furious 7 who tried to kill them all. Obviously, this doesn’t sit well with anyone, especially Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) who has now become a de facto leader in Dom’s absence. The two clash amidst a prison riot, which is bound to be an epic set piece. But nothing will top the spectacle of Cipher controlling thousands of autonomous cars in New York City — except maybe Hobbs directing a torpedo with his bare hands.

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“No one’s ready for this,” Cipher says in the new trailer, and she’s right.

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Now, it’s Tej’s turn with a tank.

Universal Studios

Yes, that’s The Rock directing a torpedo with his bare hands. But don’t forget: This movie is about family.

See the trailer for The Fate of the Furious below.

The Fate of the Furious opens theaters on April 14.