The Internet Trolls 'This is the Future that Liberals Want' Tweet with Memes

It doesn't look so bad.


Sometimes memes are the best counter. The /pol/ News Network Twitter account, a mouthpiece for the 4Chan white nationalist community, found itself on the butt-end of a brand new meme on Thursday. It came after the account tweeted a picture with the caption “This is the future liberals want,” a common mantra among conservatives that gets rolled out when they want to connect an undesirable situation to liberal ideals.

In this case, however, the picture was not so undesirable. It showed a snapshot of a New York City subway car, in which a veiled Muslim woman and man in drag are sitting next to each other. Both are minding their own business and quiet in thought, as most tend to be on the subway. Considering the typical toxic attitudes that come out of 4chan, it’s likely that the “the future that liberals want” was intended to describe a world where different kinds of people can simply exist with one another as undesirable. But the jab quickly backfired, with people on Twitter soon trolling the phrase.

Looking at the photo, it’s difficult to find anything objectionable about two people sitting calmly on a train. Twitter users have been quick to say that — if this is the dystopian future that so worries conservatives and right-wingers — then sign them up.

Others jumped into more creative responses to the photo, showcasing other “liberal” realities that may one day come to pass.

When all sorts of animals can come together in harmony.

And cats can ride processed meats through space.

Other intergalactic travels.

Where people can see that superheroes ride public transportation as well, just like the common man.

And a future that allows bees and women to hook up without stigma.

Some of them are slightly silly. Others are, well, whatever this is.

Those new army uniforms might be burdensome. Then again, ISIS certainly wouldn’t know what hit them if a bunch of those things dropped out of an airplane.

No one can be sure of what the real future will hold, but there’s no shortage of ideas, that’s for sure.

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