The 'Tiny Trump' Meme Is Now a Video

Now we get to see the pocket president move.


In a continuation of its meteoric rise, the internet’s new favorite Donald Trump meme, “Tiny Trump,” has now become a video. It’s further evidence that, in perhaps some unexpected way, internet memes have come to be a popular and significant way to take jabs at President Trump.

The meme originally began last week on Reddit. It consists of photoshopped pictures of the president that make him look about two feet tall, while the rest of the image remains unchanged. It has emerged as the newest in a lineage of Trump memes that attempt to infantilize the president, and rob him of that which he desires most — Tiny Trump has a particularly cutting theme, given Trump’s well-known obsession with keeping things big and grand.

Tiny Trump has been edited into a slew of different images, including being accompanied by wife Melania and being greeted by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau getting down on one of his knees.


The people over at Evil Ice Cream Pictures seem to agree. On Sunday, they published their “Pocket Potus” video to their YouTube channel. The clip takes the still images from last week and does them one better by editing real video footage of Trump to make him, well, pocket sized.

The video is extremely well done, and it’s hard not to crack a smile at the sight of Tiny Trump sitting on a big chair opposite former President Obama, hands folded in his lap, his legs swaying slightly, as they can’t quite reach the floor.

Tiny Trump joins the likes of “Trump Draws,” another meme mocking footage of President Trump signing executive orders. If it wasn’t certain that Tiny Trump was here to stay, it seems so now. Even the analysts over at the Meme Economoy subreddit are unable to deny the raging popularity and longevity of Trump memes. One user writes, “Despite high usage within normie circles, Trump memes are still a steady long-term investment.”

The only thing left to wonder about is what meme will come next.

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