'Tiny Trump' Is the Internet's Latest Meme Obsession

People are turning Donald into a pocket-sized president.


The internet’s latest dig at President Trump has arrived in the form of the Tiny Trump meme. It’s exactly what it sounds like: People are Photoshopping pictures of the president to make him look about two feet tall in pictures. It’s a pointed way to take shots at Trump’s ego, as the president has been known to be a little touchy when it comes to his size.

Jokes about the size of Trump’s body have already ruffled his feathers once before. During the 2016 election, Senator Marco Rubio suggested that he had small hands, obviously insinuating a connection to something else. Trump was so upset that he took time during the next Republican debate to assure the country, “I guarantee you there’s no problem.”

With Tiny Trump, people are once again looking to capitalize on Trump’s apparent insecurity in this area.

The meme appears to have begun with a pair of posts on the r/pics subreddit on Wednesday. The first, by u/RedBlimp, depicts an overly large President Obama.


Apparently, in response to the large Obama, u/theLAZYmd created the first of the Tiny Trumps.


The idea took off from there. Tiny Trump now sports its own subreddit and it’s pretty goddamn funny.


This one is titled “Pence is so proud that Tiny Trump is behaving himself for once. He might even take him for ice cream as a reward.”


Twitter has of course also gotten in on the fun. With #TinyTrump gaining steam on Friday morning.

Looks like Tiny Trump’s fitting in quite nicely with Putin.

Donald might need some help from Melania getting down those stairs.

And now he’s the perfect size for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to talk with while kneeling down.

As the meme gains popularity, Google Trends has identified a marked uptick in searches for “Tiny Trump.”

Google Trends

Earlier this year, there was some online chatter that Trump possibly Photoshopped the size of his hands in photos from the Inauguration Ceremony. The claims ended up being debunked.

It may be too early to say for sure, but it appears that the Tiny Trump meme may be the next political meme with some serious staying power. If its popularity keeps growing at this rate, it may even one day come to rival viral titans like the Joe Biden meme.

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